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12 Mithril Dragons


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I just recently got a Slayer task of: 12 Mithril Dragons, I've only killed 1 before for Fremenik's Diary. Please answer these questions as detailed as you can.


1) Shall I Range or Melee Mithril Dragons? [76 Range, 90 Attack, 90 Strength and 89 Defence]


2) Whatever method you chose from the 1st question, what armour shall I take?


3) If you chose Range, what Bolts?


4) Inventory setup?


5) Shall I take a Familar? (69 Summoning)


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Melee them in my opinion. Pick up a Leaf-bladed Sword and don't forget your Antidragon/Dragonfire shield. You can find a good setup here: http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=mith_dragon_hunting.htm


Don't range; you don't have a good level for it and the bolts would be a waste of money for you.


Yes, bring a familiar. Either a bunyip or (I recommend) a tortoise filled with food.


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What I do is: take a whole inventory of salmon (+ a bob - i did it when there was no fairy ring) - just take cheap but not too bad food. You should melee them (don't forget slayer helm and antidragon shield) and you want mage defense armour + melee prot. Imo it's worth it to bank all bones and bars; you'll only have to bank twice.

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