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Triple Charms


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Simple question. What monster is best to use triple charm bonus from familiarization on? The first time I used it I cannoned Aberrant Spectres and got ~120 charms in the 40 mins, and 37 of those were blue. Are there any better monsters? I'm only really going to get 70 summ so I don't have much use for crazy amounts of crims. And I prefer not to be told the ever popular 'do waterfiends' because I'm a noob and I don't want to bother getting a Z spear just for that.

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I guess 37 blues in 40 minutes is decent, so abby spectres is decent. But since you aren't getting past 70, there really is no point in blue charms, as they are most used for the elemental titans at lvl 79 and geysers at 89. So I would instead suggest you hunt monsters that drop crimson charms. Since you don't like waterfiends, then you should kill daganoths in ct, cannon black demons (people say they drop more gold than crims in taverly, but I cannoned a task there and got around 70 crims compared to 20 something golds). You could also kill dusties, but those are really bad, should not kill them unless you've got no other option.


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