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Cursing Mithril Dragons


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Being a big fan of Mithrils, and recently getting back into them, I'm wondering if my current set-up and tactic of Full Armadyl with eagle eye and Melee Portect outdated with the new prayers. While I would lose the 15% boost of eagle eye and only gain 10% of Leech Range, I could decrease defence by 25%, therefore greatly increasing the kills per hour.

Does that sound viable?


So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

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I'm not sure but I think you'll be losing more prayer points thus might consider to stick with eagle eye.

Correct, any leech drained prayer just a bit faster then 15% prayers in my testing.

leech ranged drains slower than eagle eye

1 ppoint every 3.6 seconds vs 1 every 3.0 seconds

but leech ranged + defense simultaneously will obviously drain faster than eagle eye alone


but considering the income rate at mithril dragons, the extra prayer cost really isn't a huge deal.

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