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Is this paint in a wound bad?


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So, my girlfriend Amber, got a piece of dried paint jammed under her finegrnail earlier today. After going to the nurse, they just gave her a band-aid.


However, she just noticed it is bleeding again, and the blood is being dyed black by the paint.


So, is acryllic paint in a bleeding cut a serious problem?



Mods can feel free to mvoe this, or to lock it once the question is answered. I just think I'd better find out, and I trust TIF more than google searches.

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I would think not as it has (hopefully) no lead in it. Also you said that it was small enough to get jammed under a finger nail and does it have direct contact with the wound?

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You should tell her to visit the doctor again to make sure that her finger is fine. We can't offer you advice here that would be entirely accurate. Just take her to a real doctor to have her checked out.

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