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  1. I'd just like to post to affirm that while I am still swamped by school work (they lied to me about senior year), I am interested in a hegemony game, as long as it is mildly low key.
  2. EU3 can be fun with mods (like the miscmods scenarios, there's something satisfying about crushing France as Toulouse and then creating Occitania). I'd be fine with whatever, though I'd prefer if someone other than myself would start (as I'm not all that good at CK2).
  3. Anyone else? Also, if we do CK2 (personally I prefer vicky 2 and EU3) what family shall we embroil in incest and assassination?
  4. (I'm back, I blame school and comcast for my absence). I have no problems with the synthesist archetype, or the bladebound magus. However, I am currently finding myself in a similar situation with retech, in that I have an ass load of school work, and enough extracurriculars (in this case college apps) to make running a game difficult, not impossible, but if I want to spend any time prepping it will bump my days up from 18 to 20 hour days. So I'll not be able to run this until probably december (because I can slack off a bit second semester). I do, however, have an idea for a sort of a community activity. A shared AAR in either Vicky 2 or EU3 (or CK2), where we each take control of a country for 10 years, and once done post a report/ a save file.
  5. Eh, shouldn't matter too much, as that (probably) won't save you from 3 rounds of focus fire. As just a general note, the more you lot optimize, the more I get to (And I still need to dig up that first world template from Kingmaker, that thing was nasty), and the higher CR enemies in general I get to throw at you.
  6. Okay, the poll has been edited, vote on your favorite, etc. etc.
  7. What I was going to go for with the windward isles is similar as to what happens in kingmaker (Well, not really, but that's where I got the idea from). The windward isles has a mortal ruler, and a mortal system of government, but it's the fey that are the power behind the throne, and are, for whatever reason, looking to expand too. This way we get a way to explain how this works, and I get to have some fun (later on) with apply the first world template to cavalry and stuff. I'd say that one of the reasons why the fey are helping the settlers is a hatred of the drow, and the kobolds, and the other is a sort of plan (which will not be revealed as of now). What I was going with for the drow, is that they are a major threat, if they ever unite (which would be the problem of having a nation full of demonic cults), and it looks like, after a long period of instability, they are uniting under a prophet. They have been pushed around, taken advantage of, and generally shit on by pretty much every nation in this war, and now they are pissed. (Waking a sleeping giant and filling it with terrible resolve is the quote that comes to mind). The church of the Thriceborn is based in what used the be the Kaava lands, after the explosion of the pillar (and the invasion of the faithful, and an army of the dead), they have, with aid from a fairly massive number of undead workers, set up a fairly large city state for the faithful (which has pissed off the Aspis consortium, and Cheliax), as well as an undead augmented navy and army (where the officers are graveknights and liches). The populations of giant squid and other such animals have taken a sharp downward turn, though. EDIT: I'll be on irc for awhile, answering questions and whatnot.
  8. If there's a joint winner we do a run off. Also, if you vote other, could you please tell what you mean by other.
  9. I'm going to close voting at 9PM EST tomorrow, just as a warning.
  10. THIS IS A POST THAT WILL BECOME A THREAD. CHOOSE WHAT FACTION YOU WANT TO PLAY AS/ BE ENSLAVED BY/ IDON'TEVENKNOWMAKEUPYOURDAMNEDMINDS. STUFF FOR THIS POST. CURRENT MAP OF THE WORLD (HATCH MARKS SHOWS CONTROL OVER THE UNDERDARK the different sectors show control via different factions) [hide] https://www.dropbox....olarion_Map.jpg [/hide] NEW (AND IMPROVED) GODS: [hide] GARMUND AKA THE THRICEBORN HOLY SYMBOL: A skull made of skulls on top of a pillar FAVORED WEAPON: SCYTHE DOMAINS: CHAOS, UNDEATH, MADNESS, DESTRUCTION, LIBERATION [/hide] CHARACTER CREATION GUIDELINES [hide] STARTING LEVEL: 10TH WBL: Standard (look it up in the SRD) POINT BUY ARRAY: 25/ heroic HAVE A REASON TO STICK TOGETHER (MAYBE YOU'RE PART OF THE SPECIAL FORCES, OR THE HOUSE GUARD, OR SOMETHING. I DON'T KNOW) IF GOING NECROMANCER, ASK ME ABOUT THE CREATURES YOU ARE CHOOSING, I'LL PROBABLY SAY YES YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF CHOOSING TO BE AN OUTSIDER OR OTHER THEMATICALLY APPROPRIATE MONSTER WITH 1+ CLASS LEVEL IF YOU SO CHOOSE [/hide] Two years after the apotheosis of a cleric named Garmund the Twiceborn, the only applicable phrase for the Inner sea is chaos. Chaos rules the waves, the under dark, and the land. After Absalom was weakened by the Thriceborn's assault, Cheliax pounced upon it, and did its utmost to tear Absalom to pieces. However, Cheliax is not the only player in this power struggle, the ascendant church of the Thriceborn has set up shop in the Mwangi, centered around the crater of the pillar which helped fuel their diety's ascension. The kobold city state in the windward isles is at odds with an up and coming fey ruled one, with several skirmishes being logged, and the drow are just now reassembling their city, under the rulership of a charismatic prophet of Nocticula. All of factions will eventually meet each other in battle, and so chaos, bloody chaos, will be the word of the day. You lot will be part of one of these factions, and serve as its elite, and I'll take suggestions as to what you actually are. WARNING, THIS CAMPAIGN WILL PROBABLY BE A FAIR BIT MORE LETHAL THAN THE LAST ONE. IF YOU ACT LIKE AN IDIOT, YOU'LL PROBABLY DIE
  11. In theory I could run something similar, like maybe a RHoD campaign translated into pathfinder, and up scaled in power (greatly), or try kingmaker again (The city building would, sadly, be abstracted much like it is in Windward, and I'd be using IRC and maybe mumble. EDIT: Also, if we do either of those things, expect a much higher level of PC mortality, and one of you should probably play as a front line fighter (and another a druid, reincarnates are much cheaper than raise dead).
  12. That... would not end well either. The vampire should have DR 10 against all of her attacks, which would make them rather useless. At any rate, you're ignoring the domination power that would probably be used on either her or yourself (this is, incidentally, why you don't use wisdom as your dump stat).
  13. To be fair, I was planning on just sending lei to Axis, and having the dragon grapple mather (which would have done enough damage to let me FoD Holo to death).
  14. Unless I'm very, very wrong about your equipment, you're talking about a weapon with a +7 equivalent enhancement bonus, which should cost 92k. Give any character, (including a monk) that much cash to be spent on items, and you will get a very effective killing machine at low level. Also, lei you've met (by my count) 3 characters and one undead dragon, the other character (and undead dragon) were simply silent and invisible (whee scrolls of invisibility) when you met them. Mather, I had no designs on your life, if you tried to resist my countermeasures and became violent (and tried to use a DC 18-19 attack against me that targeted my will save) I intended to kill you, if not then you would go on your way. It was you who decided to plot to kill me (and another person). EDIT: Also, you're talking about a gunslinger; a class with light armor proficiency only going up against a vampire in melee. That would not end well (something about a relatively high DR, coupled with lei's low strength modifier). And as a general question for lei; is there any reason why you chose the gunslinger, and could you be convinced to play a similar (but all together better) class like the inquisitor or something (maybe a ranged fighter or a cavalier, I like cavaliers). Question for retech: Would you allow the hound master archtype for a cavalier?
  15. Lei, mather isn't allowed back because he was involved in a plot to kill multiple players (myself, and nex at least), and after that failed (read; I killed nereus and captured mather) he was sent off to the duergar and effectively banished. Also, don't try to come back, as if you do (after having been sent to Absalom) you will be killed (either by suffocation, dragon, or being sent to the positive energy plane). EDIT: Also, mather, if all classes are given 100k+ to work with, they can do some pretty scary things at 8th level, think sorcerer tossing around quicked dazing fireballs and some such (which would have a DC of something like 21), or a cavalier with boots of haste/ an enchanted lance built for charging, or really any class (hell, even the monk).
  16. I think he's factoring in the lightening reload deed (which requires him to be 11th level). Also, a +7 equivalent weapon really rapes the WBL, as in it costs ~90k gold, which is much more than a 10th, much less an 8th level character can afford.
  17. And is lei that? Also, a +5 (or higher) weapon at 8th level? No wonder that rapes game balance. If she's willing to give up using firearms there's a whole host of other "front line fighter" opportunities, like an actual fighter, or an inquisitor or something. As for the list of outsiders for retech, I was thinking of: Asuras (think mercs) Some psychopomps (fluffed as there being a schism in between them, and having some follow Pharasma and some follow my god) Possibly some (heavily) modified angels, with evil related SLAs swapped out for some anti undead powers or some different SLAs (animate dead and skeleton X, or disrupting weapon/ command undead spring to mind). Hell, the two exceptions for the ban against intelligent undead (liches/graveknights and mummies) could be possibilities. Though it is all up to you.
  18. A metamagic focused sorcerer (with a spell tattoo), can, at 9th level, do 80-95 damage a turn, as a standard action, with a fireball; at 10th level it can forgo ~50 damage on one shot (which won't matter too much, as the monster's still going to be up after 80), and deal ~35 damage along with 3 rounds worth of dazing, in which the enemy cannot act and takes a penalty on pretty much everything. Tell me a gunslinger's better than that. Also, run that scenario against pretty much any outsider that is CR 9, most all of them have dimension door at will, and more than enough hitpoints to take a round of damage from a rifle (As well as pretty decent DR against each attack).
  19. I'd like to think that my speeches greeting every NPC (that could probably kill us, just judging by the druid) as a greeting count as role playing. At any rate, there are other ways of doing an alpha strike, and retech might let lei switch out of the gunslinger class (that could be so much more than it is, and is so much more than what you're playing it as) to a more blasty class (like a sorcerer optimized for either summoning or blasting [if so, try and get dazing spell at 10th level, as a debuff it's amazing], or an actual front line fighter (like a fighter or a cavalier) that gets a higher hit die, and heavy armor proficiency).
  20. Or kobold clerics with quite a few class levels, or that bloody giant fly trap (that was a difficult fight). The double hackbut is better for an alpha strike for one reason, there's a gunslinger's deed called dead shot, that lets you roll a full attack without reloading for one weapon, and only use one shot, which, with rapid shot and haste added in, would total to 6d10 damage a round, disregarding gun training. Still not enough to deal with anything level appropriate in one round, but that's neither here nor there. Look at the pfsrd bestiary at around CR 9, that's what we'll be facing (hopefully at least). Also, as a question to retech, would you be fine with me giving you a sort of list of possible servants of my god (ie, outsiders that I could summon with planar ally)?
  21. If you're using a firearm, even an advanced one (Such as a rifle) you only resolve against touch AC in the first or second ranged increment iirc. And if you were trying to alpha strike a "semi boss" I'd personally use a double hackbut with the dead shot (or something similar to that) deed. Ask if it stacks with rapid/many shot and haste. Also, we have, for the most part, been dealing with encounters with a CR 2-4 levels higher than our hit dice. Just a bit of a fair warning there. So, it would be enough to kill a nymph, but would it be enough to kill a nymph with a couple of levels in druid or sorcerer? Because that's what you would be going up against, or something much more fun (that wouldn't let you get off full attacks, like say a giant fly trap or something). EDIT: Now, if you're say fighting an Avoral, which would be an appropriate CR for a "semi boss", I could see things going a bit differently. For one, it would have DR 10/Silver/Evil against every attack (which would make dealing any damage with a rifle... difficult), for another, it has dimensional door at will, and for a third, it has an AC of 25 (as well as blur as a spell like ability). The point being is that (while I don't know how lei's character is built, and this could be wrong) neither of you are exactly optimized for dealing with enemies of appropriate CR in combat, aside from things like the titan centipede, which you could probably just plug at from a distance if you saw it coming.
  22. Well, the casters in the main party should probably pick up Summon monster V, because we could really (really) use the extra tanks. Also, as a question for retech; will you let us use the alternative monsters for summon monster #, like say the tiger for summon monster IV?
  23. Thought it could only be animated if it had some kind of skeletal or nervous system? Else we would be running around with Gelatinous Cube Wights and other equally silly (and terrifying) creatures. Skeletons need a skeleton iirc. There's no restriction in the spell description about a nervous system, so you could animate it as a sort of zombie (preferably a fast zombie, as it would gain a slam attack and 10' movement speed, while losing its DR and a couple of other perks).
  24. Ross you should look into animating the fly trap (if it can be animated) as a fast zombie, as it would then have a movement speed of 20'. Also, which ruins are we exploring again?
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