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F2P ranging ice giants.


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Can anyone describe/ post a pic/ link me to a topic that shows the location of the safespot in the cave below port sarim for ranging ice giants

or if there is one in the wildy, is it recommended?

also any other information on them would be helpful, i.e general crowdedness of the area/ recommended range level etc.


null and void

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Knew it was here somewhere :thumbsup:


Dont attempt it unless you have atleast 60 range otherwise go to moss giants on crandor.





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F, don't use that cuz it's not updated, sorry, lol. >.<


A while back Jagex changed the safespots and they took out a ton that were listed in the guide...


Unfortunately I haven't found the time to update the guide.


^ Blog.


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Post update I have no idea on the first.

On the second I would avoid the wilderness spot, it has a vampire spawn within attack range, it is also visited by quite a few other revs, and IMO it just is not worth the hassle of getting them stuck, then hopping worlds.

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