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help with ranged.


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ok well right now im leveling my strength to 99 and then going to work on ranged. im 98 str now so almost time...

im only level 66 right now and i was wondering what the quickest way is.

i do have 19k bone bolts that i was going to train with but is that te best thing to use?

ive heard pest control is good but ive never gotten into those mini games

if anyone can help id appreciate it thanks.


just got a visage drop :thumbsup:

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-Yaks are 50-60k exp/hr, but can get crowded. Bronze knives are best there.

-Ogres are decent, but you have to go inside the cage to retrieve knives.

-Aviansies are slow exp (around 25-30k/hr), but can earn some good cash.

-Red chins are insane experience, but burn through cash real quick (but since you got a visage, that shouldn't be a problem). Hold off on chins until at least 85.

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yeah i was thinking about keep going on slayer to do it, although should i go to a lower slayer master?



I use Chaeldar. I'm 89 range and 79 combat and use range on 90% of the tasks. Chaeldar is much better then the edge master for ranging. But I've never used a master over chaeldar.

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Chaeldar and Duradal both have a lot of Range Friendly task. Duradal assigns a lot of dragons, so it may feel slow sometimes though.

If you can, use Kuradal. Almost all of her tasks are safe range spotable if you can find the spots to do it. I was able to range about 95% of my tasks easily. Things like Dust Devils and Abyssal demons can be tanked while ranging if you have a bunyip, titan, or unicorn.



^Golvellius must be so proud^


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