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New Slayer Monsters - Defeat Them Without Using Combat Skills

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Originally post in RSOF: Skilling Based Slayer Monsters


Summary: A group of slayer monsters that are "attacked" and "damaged" using what are normally considered non-combat skills (mining, fishing, woodcutting). Maybe even other skills (farming, firemaking, hunting) can find a monster to slay.


Story: With the opening of Daemonheim, players have found the ability to enter other entrances hidden about Gilienor. Some of these have more of the same, but some have a new twist to the Slayer skill. In an entrance inside the dwarven mine is a level 3 Dwarven slayer master (???) that offers in addition to normal slayer tasks new assignments where the monsters must be defeated in a more unique fashion that's a meshing of combat and skills. Players can also speed slayer points to have these assignments added to other slayer masters (though the monsters assigned will be more powerful).


Justification: If you think of trees and ore rocks in relation to combat, they're already like a slayer monster. You need a minimum skill level. You need a special weapon to "attack" them. However, these monsters don't move (well, fish spots do). These monsters have a high defense, no attack and 1 hit point. So, once you successfully "attack" the coal rock, you get the monster's unique drop which is coal. This suggestion is taking that line of thinking into the more extreme.


Mechanics: Varying types of skilling based monsters Ents (woodcutting), Golems (mining), Sharks (fishing), Tanglefoots each that can only be "attacked" using an appropriate skill. There have different levels and located all over the map, though all can be in dungeoneering entrances for now.

To attack: must have appropriate weapon in your inventory (axe, pick-axe, combat ready fishing spear) though you can also wield it if you have the attack level. You must then "mine", "fish", "cut", etc. the monster with your harvesting skill. It has 'life points' that go down as you do this.

To defend: you also defend with your harvesting skill, though certain skill items (lighting helmet, wet suit, lumberjack outfit, etc) can aid in your defense or even offense. The monster damages reduces your skill points (looks like a diseased orange splat) so having restore potions is recommended. Getting zero'd in a skill by these monsters count as dying so be careful. Unfortunately, prayer does not work against these UNLESS Jagex implements the skill prayer book (other suggestion). With such prayers, your skill level is boosted thereby boosting your ability to attack and defend against this moster.

Experience: Damage done to monsters gives damage x4 experience to appropriate skill. Killing it gets the skill related drop in addition to slayer experience.


Skilling Monsters:


Ent - yes, from the random event. These creatures don't move but have a great defense and harsh hit. The Dwarven slayer assigns only oaks and willow ents. However, use slayer points to let other masters assign from trees on up to the mythical Spirit Tree Ent. Like there normal counterparts, an ent may require a higher level axe to even try to cut it down. Pray versus melee can help. Drops might include normal logs, log bundles (x5 to x25 for rapid fm experience) in addition to drops of adventures that were stupid enough to climb up a tree ent for a nap.


Golems - yes, from the random event. These can hit from afar so don't think you can just run away for a breather. The Dwarven slayer might assign iron and coal Golemns, but use slayer points to let other masters assign these type of beasts. Again, better pick-axes are needed for higher level golems. Drops include regular ore in addition to much more pure types of rare ore used to help make high level weaponry (see combo-skill suggestion). Of course, many an adventurer has been ground up by these so normal drops can be found too.


Sharks - well, maybe monks, sharks, swordfish, tuna, etc. Here, you don your wet suit and attack schools of fish in an underground area with your spear fisher modified for combat ie it can be wielded. This combat spear is one handed and levels appropriately (bronze up to obsidian for now). Obviously, under water the fish will fight back so be careful. The dwarf slayer may only assign tuna, but unlock other fish using slayer points. Drops are plentiful. Every one knows sharks swallow anything, maybe the same goes for other fish you hunt.


More Skilling Monsters (these might be a bit silly).


Dessicated Mummies - These mummies are wrapped in a cloth based the pulped fibers of the trees of Gilienor. As such, they're impervious to all but attacks by fire. Load cloth and oil into you metal torch (wieldable, bronze through obsidian) to take these creatures on with firemaking. They attack with a foul breath that not only reduces your firemaking, but sometimes blows out your torch. Dare you take on the mummy wrapped in spirit tree papyrus? Rewards - something witty and creative I'm sure. Note - I think it's reasonable to use logs that are mashed into a fuel source to use in your metal torch. Maybe each log pulped can be used for 15 attacks.


Mutated Tanglefoots - Remember these in Zanaris? Now you really have a reason to fight them with your secateurs, however I think it's fair to have a metal based secateur (bronze to obsidian) in keeping with the other skilling slayer beasts. I think Tanglefoots should be levels of the various farming bushes. Hmm, a whiteberry tanglefoot sounds nasty to fight/farm. Due to the nature of farming, wouldn't it be cool that you have to grow these from your bush seeds in a special patch at Zanaris? A seed creates XX number of tangle foots to fight. If so, these may only be slayer assignments only to fight (unless a balance is made in time to grow them). In fact, maybe the Slayer Master gives you the seed to grow when you accept the assignment. Rewards - I'm sure some cool seeds and other drops can be expected.


Combo-skill slayer monster theory:


Say mining, well that takes 85 to mine runite. So how would a slayer fight a Granite Golem or Obsidian Golem or even the Crystal Golem with a mining skill that takes on just the Runite Golem? COMBO-SKILLS BABY!!!! A slayer wanting to take on a Granite Golem needs both his Dragon Pick-axe and a special chisel made of obsidian. He'll need 85 mining, YY crafting and YY level slayer. Likewise, the Obsidian Golem needs a Obsidian torch, Obsidian chisel, Dragon Pick-axe in addition to 85 Mining, ZZ Firemaking, ZZ Crafting and ZZ level slayer. This simple concept of requiring supporting skills by the player allows for higher level skilling slayer monsters that replicate what a player would need to fight high level monsters (multiple high level combat skills). Obviously, such monsters make unlocking them an exercise in caution as you'll need high level in multiple skills if a master like Chaelder or above assigns them.


Balancing issues:

First, this is going to tick off players that got level 3 slayer cape the hard way. I apologize, but RS updates all the time.


1. This slayer master can be a low level slayer master (hence the reason he's a level 3 combat slayer master), so he only assigns low level skill slayer assignments only. This encourages players to unlock the higher level skilling slayer monsters on the other Slayer Masters.


2. I think these monsters can only be attacked/harvested at first only if they are assigned. This is important for higher level monsters like Tortoise, Sharks, Spirit Ent, Magic Ent, Rune Golem and Obsidian Golem. However, if a hefty dose of slayer points are spent, then the ability to always be able to attack these monsters (each monster must be purchased individually) can be offered.


3. I'd like the need for actual combat levels to not be necessary for these monsters. Obviously, unlocking the higher monsters will require a higher combat level just by virtue of the slayer master, but the monsters themselves need high level skills only.


Hope you like the idea. It seems original and fresh, and I like the idea of this meshing of combat and skilling.


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Leave slayer a 'combat skill' IMO. You got dungeoneering that you can use all (most skills) in, thats enough.

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Looks decent, but wouldn't fit into the concept of Slayer as mentioned earlier.

Also a Slayer update probably wont happen for a while, been a few in 'recent' times.

Kuradal and Strykewyrms being most recent aswell as items such as Hexcrest and Focus sight.

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No because the entire point of a combat related skill is so that it is trained by combat.


inb4people suggest combat trains skilling


Hypocrite. You tell others to be nice then attempt to murder people. Nice going, you just failed life.

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The concept of meshing skills and combat is a sound one. Although the way you have suggested is less than likely. Let me direct your attention to:

living rock creatures, mine-able drops

Evil trees-"killed" through woodcutting

Bulwark Beast-mine through armor to attack


These are more indicative of the direction in which combat and other skills are meshed. The evil tree being an example of how skilling monsters are represented in Runescape. They don't offer any combat experience and they don't hit you. I would like to see some new twists on the mixing of these skills, maybe drops you can fish for or access to certain dungeons through skilling(outside of Daemonheim). The core of your idea is a good one, but it can use a bit of refining. I look forward to whatever else you might come up with.

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No because the entire point of a combat related skill is so that it is trained by combat.


inb4people suggest combat trains skilling


They actually do, in a very nondirect way. Effigies are actually more efficient than actually RuneCrafting, in terms of both money and xp/h. I still don't support the skiller slaying idea. It's made to be a combat skill, with the ultimate goal of defeating new monsters. Fighting a monster with non combat skills is illogical to me.

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