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  1. Do people still do this skill? I have 102 dungeoneering if I remember correctly and I'm finally getting back into this game and was wondering if there is a world I can go to to find teams. Last time I checked everyone was just selling floors and it was impossible to find teams. What's the dungeoneering community like these days? If it exists. Thanks :)
  2. Any predictions on what the vote count will be at the end of this poll?
  3. PKing/Warring clans are dying quickly, pretty sad but true. I don't know if Jagex plans to try and fix that and give PKers/clanners some content like we have been asking for forever, but as of right now it's basically dead. From what I know there are a few clans that still war on weekends out of pure tradition but that's it. It also sucks to log in and find that the dungeoneering community is almost gone too.
  4. The new combat system is in no way complex lol it's just annoying
  5. I think it is worse than the other bonus exp weekends because with bonus exp people eventually stopped skilling and such after the bonus ran out
  6. Thanks, and what herbs do you recommend ? Should I still stick to torstol?
  7. Can any money be made by doing herb runs anymore? I used to make good money doing snapdragons and torstols a long time ago.
  8. Anyone else think all they will do for the beta signup is just have us pay $10 or something?
  9. hopefully the change is good, but with their track record who knows. they can't possibly mess it up and make it worse than it already is your turn to hit a random number, ok my turn, now your turn, ok my turn WOOT IM MORE SKILLED THAN YOU MY RANDOM NUMBERS ARE HIGHER!!
  10. I was hoping to see fires that would take up a larger area Fire Bonfire
  11. Decent update, except for the fact they didn't add bonfires. but welcome to AFKscape
  12. This could either go ok or very bad Interested to see what this is
  13. Oh look, more SoF spins and buying bonus exp. How nice.
  14. Staking was safer before the original removal of the wilderness and free trade. Who stakes anymore anyway?
  15. Dynamic ip/ddos protected router/don't use stuff that shows IP to anyone
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