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Runecrafting level 5 - 35

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I want to get What Lies Below done on the runite pure I'm working on.

Problem is, i need 35 runecrafting. And I'm only level 5.

I calc'ed it out, and figured out that i would need roughly 250k in essence to get that level. And that's doing waters till earths, then earths till fires, and fires all the way to 35 with dueling rings.

Basically, is there any faster and cheaper way to do this? And if not, about how long will it take me to craft the 2,900 runes on the fire altar using dueling rings?
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All I can think of is the ZMI altar... but you need to use pure essence, and that costs twice as much as rune essence. Ourania gives better runes, though.
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I suppose you can try using runecrafting gloves from Fist of Guthix. It doubles your xp in the appropriate altar for 1000 rune essences. I'm not sure if it would be faster, because you'll be spending time earning the gloves. They're 75 tokens each.

It could give you time off runecrafting to play the games in-between.

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Yeah, right now from level 23-50 I'm doing about 7k essences while having the earth gloves, and having the fist of guthix in the middle really helps.

But for you I would suggest the air altar since its much faster, and you only need level 10 rc to get air rc gloves.
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