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RE:ive had this problem for awhile now


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kk, so on my last post i told about how i have a problem with rs, and am addicted. most ppl told me to quit for awhile, and then get back on. i think i can play runescape now, and heres my strategy: im not gonna use guides, im just gonna use my world map, and look for monsters and things to do. and explore and find things on the map. i think doing this will help because im not following a guide, and guides arent fun to me because ur doing what something or someone tells you, and can take long times to reach your goal. i might give up again, and change my mind. any advise?

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I advise you to make some sense! you say you want to play less, but then come up with a strategy to unbore yourself! if you were bored you would probably play less. Use guides!

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