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[Req] Large Graphic Banner [Req]


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Yes, hello and thank you for visiting and viewing my topic.


I am simply requesting a banner to link to this site, i have seen the pre-made ones and yet they seemed as if they weren't graphic enough.

I was wondering if someone could make me a banner for Tip.it that has things like "Runescape Specialists" on it and a picture of the logo as seen in the top left corner with different things in the background.




That as an example, i would do myself but i am not proficient in PhotoShop or MSPaint.


So along the basics i would like if the designer would,


  • Have that background i have provided.
  • Have the Tip.it Logo
  • Have the Designers username somewhere on the photo("Made by yournamehere")
  • Say "RuneScape Specialist"
  • Anything you think would compliment the look(Site layout is red and black)


Thank you in advanced,

Sergeant Simcoe

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe there are already pre-made underbanners and buttons that you can get to link to the official site. Don't hold me to that though.


I can confirm this page does exist but I'm stuggling to find it, but as far as I can remember there were no big banners likes he wants. Also I believe this thread should be in the art bazaar, where you can request signatures and imagery to be made for you, it is much more likely you will get the help you need there.



Runescape - Currently In-active and a cancelled membership due to a broken computer and a cabbage laptop!



(Previously 'Darkknightider', wow that was a bad name :p)

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