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Solo Dungeoneering XP/Hour


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I'm 65 Dungeoneering with 33 prestige, and I've been maxing out at about 15K xp per hour (and I mean maxing out! My average is lower). This seems really, really low to me, but like to see if that is what everyone else is getting. I kind of want to figure out if it's really that slow, or if I'm just doing something horribly wrong.


I know that I could probably do better with a group, but that's not possible for me at the moment. I've got a lot of interruptions and I'd probably make a horrible partner.

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I'm guessing that it's higher actually, but I really wouldn't know.


What do you mean by 33 prestige anyways? You ARE resetting right?


Also, the exp should be a lot higher since solo'ers can now do medium dungeons. I've HEARD that the exp from med dungeons is fairly close to the exp from Large 5:5s, at least when you take into account the amount of time you spend finding teams that still end up having a complete idiot.


But I wouldn't know from experience or anything >.<

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Yeah, I'm resetting when I get to the end before I start to run through the floors again.


The med dungeons take about twice as long for me to complete, but don't give quite twice as much XP, so I've been sticking to small.


Yikes, this is painful.

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I almost everytime go solo... i dont keep track of xp/hour cuz i only do 3-4 dungeons in a row but i get 1k-1.5k per dungeon and im 35 dung


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I'm guessing around 33k an hour is possible with a perfect internet connection. I suggest doing 1-24 small and 25-35 med for that, using primal rapier or prom spear as the weapon(prom 2h really isn't a soloing weapon). For the fastest experience, you need to learn how to do the setup in less then a minute, learn to use teles the right way, only kill monsters that you really have to(gd doors) or very low level ones(for level mod), learn to do puzzles quickly(like for instance the rc floor) and be efficient at bosses. Dieing in solo really isn't a major problem so don't worry about it much. Also, NO skilling. If you can't do small dungeons within 10 minutes, you are doing something wrong.

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I haven't figured it by the hour... I am getting about 8K a floor right now on mediums, opening every room I can (usually 100% of rooms). I take my time & kill every NPC, so I'm not blazing fast. I'd guesstimate somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes to do a floor.

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If you're going to solo, maximize your experience in the dungeons by playing medium dungeons all the way.


This means not only do you have to unlock all the rooms, you have to kill enough monsters to get the +10% bonus.


Note about what I said with the +10% bonus. You don't have to kill EVERY monster. If you see an exceptionally strong monster in a dead end, you can simply ignore it and still get the bonus.


Also, skilling does not affect your experience in any way, so don't waste your time.


Make sure you have a shadow silk hood too.




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