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  1. I'm lagging like crazy in the game, but even just sitting at the RuneScape homepage (not even logged in) my processor is pegged at 100%. I like getting rid of the bots, but this is honestly affecting my gameplay way more than the bots ever did.
  2. If they can't bot for frost dragon bones, they'll probably move to another type of dragon. Frost bones may go up, but regular dragon bones may go down.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if they made them so hard to kill that ONLY bots will want to do it.
  4. Just curious if the timer runs when you are on a FTP world. I didn't prepare at all for this one, and might need some time at the GE to buy some supplies.
  5. I don't have any hard data on it, but I remember reading a while ago (may have been on another forum) that it was something on the order of a 5% increase. Meaning that if you usually get 100 birds nests in X hours, you'll get 105 nests if you wear the rabbits foot.
  6. I've played a few complexity 4 floors now, and I don't think that there are any puzzle rooms or skill doors at all. At least in the 10 or so floors that I've played I haven't run across any.
  7. Does anyone know what the difference between complexity 4 and 6 is when playing FTP? When I'm looking at the description it looks like what is added in complexity 6 are all members skills. I'm just wondering if there is really any difference.
  8. Yes. I'm almost certain that they don't.
  9. On my first day of members ~5 years ago, I logged on and...... OMG CATS!!!! So, I did the quest and got a cat. After that I just randomly trained skills for a few months as they caught my interest. Got a good feel of the overall game that way.
  10. Going way back to the original topic, doing the math it seems like it would only take 2 - 2.5 hours to make the cannonballs that he needs. Not a huge investment in time if its the way he wants to play the game. It probably wouldn't be a good "moneymaker", but it seeks perfectly OK to make some cannonballs this way if that's what he wants.
  11. Why is everyone so lock crazy. This is a discussion forum! Maybe the guy himself will show up and tell us what he's doing. Maybe someone with a greater knowledge of bots will come along and explain what is happening. Locks should be saved for offensive or inappropriate content. I hate when I have something interesting to contribute to a thread, only to find the last post be "question answered, lock please". Now you'll never hear something that might have been a help, unless I go out of my way to actually create another thread just to answer the question. The thread will die on it's own when the discussion value has exhausted itself. It happens a hundred times every day.
  12. When the nymph appears, does it appear just for you or does it appear for the whole group? And when it appears, does it show up right in front of you, or can it be anywhere in the area?
  13. Are solo meds seriously supposed to take <20 minutes? Mine are 2-3 times that long. I must be doing something seriously wrong.
  14. Well, I got my cannon and it worked out really well. There were lots of other people there, so it really helped me get some kills. I can't say for certain that the others were bots, but they all had War Tortoises, all set their cannons up within one square of each other, and usually the cannons ran out of ammo for long stretches of time. Most of the accounts were pretty low leveled (100-120) so maybe they botted their Dung levels,too. I guess that there's just about no risk in being caught anymore if these guys are willing to take the chance with a non-throwaway account.
  15. If you want a good approximation of how many dragons per hour - you need to tell us: a.) the gear you are using (he uses rapier, i guess with d def, d boots, barrow gloves, the rest doesn't really matter) b.) your levels c.) turmoil/piety (l2read) d.) yak e.) overloads or extremes? when are you repotting (l2read) I was thinking about responding to him, but I kind of tucked the info in the last sentence, so it was easy to miss. I was really only looking for a ballpark estimate anyway. It seems like 150-200/hr is what I should be shooting for.
  16. I guess that it depends a little bit on your RC level, but from 75-88 I nearly always got the teleport runes that I needed. Maybe once every few hours I wouldn't, and I'd just run back. It wasn't a big inconvenience.
  17. I just got 85 Dung and am really anxious to try out frost dragons. I did a practice run with some basic equipment (and no cannon) and I have a few questions. When I got there I was completely alone, not another person in the whole dungeon. After about a half hour of having free run of the place I got surrounded by three guys with cannons and couldn't really get in another kill. So the first question is, how busy does it actually get down there? Is it usually full, or are there plenty of times when it's dead? Next, how essential is having a cannon? Both in terms of kills per hour, and also in being able to claim an area of the dungeon to kill in. I got 54 kills in a half hour, would the cannon significantly improve on that? And last, what is a reasonable number for kills/hour for me? I've got overloads, a rapier, and turmoil. I'm not talking about the absolute maximum possible kills/hour for a master dragon slayer, just a good honest number that I should be shooting for.
  18. I'm not sure if you're just being philosophical when you say "it may work", because it absolutely doesn't work. Not just because it isn't effective, the game won't let you use the pouch unless you actually have the level. Stews do work for getting multiple runes/ess though. When I had to do the diary part that required double nats I was able to do it with stews.
  19. Sadly, they aren't worth anything and I really don't see them being updated ever again. Tuning them into cocaktrice eggs is almost as fast as withdrawing them from the bank and dropping them, so I guess that it's worthwhile to do. The phrase "not the best money maker ever" is well applied in this situation. I'm still holding on to mine because I'm not out of bank space, and I have a sentimental attachment to them, but they are really worthless.
  20. I haven't tried it, but I think that all of the satchels and tea flasks from the tower of life don't stack in your bank.
  21. The other thing to consider is that Zammy pages are at a totally unprecedented record high right now. If you start out with another book, by the time you want to get a Zammy book it may cost a tenth the price it is right now.
  22. From 30 WC to at least 70 they really aren't that bad for XP. The are also pretty easy to get to, close to a bank, and require very little attention. They were also very popular in the past, so you'd figure that some people would be there just because it's in a lot of old guides. I was passing through Draynor when I was doing a clue scroll and I was shocked that there was nobody there. I don't understand it either.
  23. will probably be how zahur works in nardah. But that only works if you can note them, and most of the potions I have are not notable.
  24. I hope that the extra decant options don't slow down the regular 3 to 4 decanting. It's already a pain having to run back and forth a thousand times, and I'd hate to have to click through a dialogue every time also.
  25. Every day I run through TzHarr to collect my diary reward, and I'll report one bot. It's just a little ritual that I got in the habit of. I'm usually on world 117 and I've reported the exact same bot every day for about two weeks now. He's still going strong.
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