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  1. Unlimited (although i have no idea why you'd every want to do it again).
  2. I have found that if I have a clue voyage giving adventurer in port the tables always highlight for them, plus its less a clue and more the straight up answer. The only issue I've hit is having both adv searching same region and the clues reporting two different islands within that region. It's in the order of adventurers in port in that occasion, as given by the list on top. If you have 4 map tables, you get unlimited clues(and x/4 days for amount lower then 4).
  3. Dharok's set effect, anyone? Didn't that take like 2 years for them to actually put in game? was the funniest thing in the world.
  4. As far as i'm aware of, noone has gotten either of those missions yet. And no, even with max port score, using all the rerolls i still had today i was not able to get one. Most likely, those voyages do not actually exist in the game yet.
  5. I actually managed to get scrolls done first as they were my first priority, although i'm not sure they should have been (clues seem to be the slowest). In total i failed 3 voyages for the 21 story, 12 scroll and 18 clue voyages (all scrolls), although i did use 6 enhancers not to fail the last exile clue today. In general, my strategy was to guarantee a random event every day(which i did) while keeping as many adventurers active at all times. I did not lock any ships. 4 map tables all the way. I'm now going for 2 map tables and 2 jade statues with exile, tengu and biologist icons. go [bleep]ing [bleep] yourself [bleep] [bleep] :( [bleep] [bleep] shit [bleep] [wagon] grats i hate you You know that's actually not particularly special since you can only fail (assuming efficient porting) the 12 scrolls (those are 82-88% missions at best), 1 clue mission(that i used boosters for) and the last trio mission (which i managed the first time with 66%). So yeah, my luck was pretty average overall, it's just consistency that matters. How do you guarantee a random event every day? I'm sending away 8 voyages a day and only getting a random every 2-3 days Other than adventurer and TG voyages i mostly did shield missions that i got 100% success with (120 or 160 azure). For those missions, the chance to get a random event is around 1/3 to 1/4. Most days i started with 4 completed missions to open.
  6. Why would you block it? They're great xp and the chance of getting a t85 weapon add-on is increased on-task. And the area is level 35 single-way wilderness, not hard to surge out and tele with a ring of wealth if you meet pkers. You can't expect to not get pked in the wildy. Great xp? yeah, you sort of killed your own argument before it even got started. They are definitely not a good task.
  7. I think this 'fix' has gotten a bad rap mostly because of hearsay and people being stuck up to what they were already used to. Really, they just fixed a few of the loopholes EoC had and people who used to abuse those loopholes are mad about it. Nothing new. Most of all, however, this update makes it totally OK to be able to use revolution in any combat situation, since you can now get in and out of combat effectively.
  8. It's just not smart to boost when you can still fail. Recapping those rewards will be painful aswell.
  9. I can't see it being THAT rare... I mean... 15 rolls a day for everyone on tif and where ever else and noone has got one? not buying it.
  10. My guess would be that you need 6m distance AND to have completed the trio storylines to get it. Can't confirm it, though.
  11. First and second trio give the weapon parts (gemstone and tsuba, respectively). Also, i don't think it's a great idea to use MCS boosts on the final trio... It still guarantees you nothing.
  12. That x axis is wrong. It's number of 'drops', not kills. Vitalis drop chance is 1/5k 'drops', 1/1k kills...
  13. Haven't heard anyone getting one as of yet. However, they are also a reward from the new adventurer trio storyline.
  14. Regarding xp rates, assuming 120 dg, you can get up to 1m xp an hour with elite teams (and about a fourth of that with a louzy one) and 500k xp an hour soloing (or about half of that for a novice). You should also not underestimate the time it takes to team up (which is often very significant). Daily challenges can get you about 5m xp an hour average. Also don't forget about gorajo cards, as there are two cards that can earn you 2x or 1.5x xp for a dungeon, which is up to 200k free xp. Not to mention the team versions of these cards...
  15. It's a flawed question in that you don't specify how you'd train it, which ofcource, makes a huge difference. The best teams would average around 8 minutes (~4:30 record time) per 5:5 large, while the best solo mediums would take around 7 minutes on average (4 minutes record time), but ofcource a novice dungeoneer would not get anywhere near those rates. I wouldn't suggest dungeoneering with a team unless you have a dedicated team or are leeching. Since you have a max cape, you should seriously consider blocking all daily challenges and doing double dungeoneering challenges every day(takes about 5 minutes of dungeoneering), which should be enough to get you 120 dg on time (it's about 14m dg xp per month at 120 dg). As far as binds are concerned, ranged is the best style because of ring classes (can get double bonus with aura), and for soloing, one style is more than enough. However, unless you are using legacy (which you shouldn't), sag short is significantly better than hex.
  16. I think you meant rather TH than increasing the price of membership... Oh, wait....
  17. And the hand cannon is even better...
  18. The other one was an old clue to one of the other adventurers- one that you didn't use. They never go away until you complete the voyage. In any case, it seems the clues are the same for everyone, so someone is surely making a list somewhere (seen parts of a list on rswiki).
  19. The wildywyrm update seems like a real gem, although i'm struggling to understand the point of the shieldbow. The whole point of using a shield is to negate damage and thus the special attack gaining power from damage received is kind of useless. And it's not like you can use it on high level tankable bosses either since it's t85...
  20. Well, obviously you'd now have icons on the 3 new adventurers. And now, it's more important what totems you have. I'm currently using one pandoras box and 3 map tables, but it's likely I will go to 4 map tables when i'm done with most new storylines. Right now, the most important thing for spare voyages is just to guarantee you a daily random event, thus i'm mostly doing low azure voyages with them.
  21. Map tables. Apparently there is a limit on how many clues you can get based on how many you have, 4 being unlimited clues (i've stayed with 3 so far, keen to keep my pandoras box).
  22. They are also (apparently) rewards from the first and second trio missions for the new adventurers. Had my first successful clue mission today. Just as I reported earlier, if you want to be efficient, you need to tell the adventurer in the bar which island they should check(there is a left click option). The island is told by the map table (otherwise it will check a random island, ie 1/5 chance even when the voyage itself is 100%). There are a total of 24 clue voyages (4 each for 6 adventurers).
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