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Small Scale Modern Hegemony.


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So, we've been traipsing through various eras in our hegemony games, from medieval to far into the future. We seem to start in modern era a lot, but we soon are overwhelmed with technology.

Here's my idea. We play modern, but on a smaller scale, with no superweapons (atleast, probably), with smaller armies, and all that fun stuff.

For a start, we fight over the United States. Assume that the central government is out, and each state is trying to fight for the betterment of itself. So each state is a territory, so there is plenty of territory to conquer. On the downside, that means that we might end up with people having way more than others, but hey, that's how it works and we can always fix it as it happens.

So, basically, you pick a state.



You're given a budget, and a list of general prices for troops. Example:

Standard Squad (Two Riflemen, one Machine gunner, one DM):50,000

Sniper Team: 100,000

Anti Tank Squad: 200,000

Special Force Squad: 500,000

Light APC: 500,000 (Seats four squads)

Heavy APC: 750k (Seats 5, better defense)

Light tank: 1,000,000

Medium Tank: 1.5m

Main Battle tank: 2m

Transport Truck: 50,000 (seats 4 squads, no armor)

Humvee: 100k (Seats 2 squads, light armor)

Bomber: 50m.

So, if the starting budget was 10m, you're not going to see very large battles going on, so it's a lot smaller scale and tactics are more important. Planes and tanks will be very expensive, so you're not going to see people fielding hundreds of tanks for a single battle.


We'd go back to IAG, only infrastrure would be calculated differently. It would increase budget by 2% per one point. To start, it would cost 10m to increase by one point, but for each state you get, you have to pay 10m more. So this way, if for example, you have 5 states and a budget of 80m, you could increase you're infrastructure more than someone with 8 states and 80m. Also, gametime would advance 2 months per day, and budget resets every 6.

Research would mostly be along the lines of better weapons/armor/vehicles, and anything more than that would have to be explained in detail to me.


Anyone be interested? I'll wait for Napoleon Hegemony to be over with, not intruding on Dusty.



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Will other powers be interfering? European landings and such?

Or are we just gonna play in a vaccum?

Are there ships?

Do the states confer any special advantages?


Wouldn't the best way to play be to turtle for 120 months, while everyone expands....

You would pull in 12 mill per year, compared to expanding, which wouldn't generate any money, and make improving infrastructure more expensive, so they would probably have around 10 mill...So you would win in a war of attrition, even though they put more effort into expanding and fighting wars?




If so I take Maine and being Operation Turtle.

I buy snipers and anti-tank troops and station them on the land boarder, research improved defences and bunker down, improving infrastructure and defences... :shades:

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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Well you would still get money from capturing territory, so it's kinda a choice you have to make. If you capture a lot of territory, it's hard to increase infrastructure, and only effective way to gain more money is to capture or raid.

If you stick with one or a few states, you could just turtle, and keep gaining money. Also, to get more money, you can send troops to raid other territories, getting amounts of money rather than land, though it is a one time money gain vs. steady by keeping it.

There would be ships, but only useful for oceans/great lakes and such, so if you control Colorado, then not very useful. If we need a distraction for players similar to the mongols, then other country's can intervene.


If you turtled for 10 years (60 turns) you'd only have 12m, whereas if you captured a lot you could have any amount.



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California for me, when it starts.

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Washington :)?

It's a REALLY big shaft.

I didn't catch fire, I used the can of hairspray as a flamethrower and pointed it at my arm.

how are you going to ignore my posts when I'm offering to let you live as my vassal in two weeks time?

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California, R.I.P.


Maryland. We're the thinnest state! :thumbsup:

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