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  1. Oh god I just read through the last 3 places of this thread Long hair is not effeminate! Coloured hair is not effeminate! And getting a girlfriend is not a stupid idea.
  2. Skills and aspects for my dude Skills: 10.0: Marksmanship (If it has to be specific to a gun type, then pistols) 5.0: Forgery 5.0: Bluff 3.0: Riding 3.0: Survival 3.0: Sneaking 2.0: Tailoring 2.0: Marksmanship (Rifle) 2.0: Rope tying 2.0: Swimming 1.0: Metromancy 1.0: Animal husbandry 1.0: Barter 1.0: Knowledge (Fabrics) 1.0: Knowledge (Weaponry) Aspects The enigma Easily able to take up new disguises Short range marksman At short distances (let's say about 2 metres) gets a bonus to aiming.
  3. Name: Oscar Krause Blurb: Born in America into a German immigrant family who owned a small ranch in Georgia. Learned survival, riding and how to shoot at a young age, helping around his families ranch. He however aspired to be more than just a farmer and felt the quiet life was not for him. In his teens he became a bounty hunter in hopes to spice up his life; it was a good job for him and he was great at it, his favourite approach to his targets was deceptive. Creating a new identity and history to get close and finally pouncing on his target. For this reason, he is an enigma to most but his close friends. After taking down one of the most wanted criminals in America, the government took note of deceptive skills and since then Oscar has been all over the world. Weaponry: 1875 Schofield Revolver Butterfly Knife
  4. (Dang we're going to need characters added into the main post to keep track of the few that have been introduced before it gets confusing... Before let's say I add another few characters into the mix :) ) "I thought you said this place could take a bit more firepower" he said, a hint of humor in his tone, his fingers pressed to the side of his breathing apparatus. "Mistakes were made, perhaps being so close I overlooked a few... Minor details" replied a soft disembodied voice, it echoed through the man's helmet but was silent to anyone who could be near. A short burst of laughter between the two, but to anyone else it would look like a man stood over a crater laughing to himself. His outfit was in many ways makeshift for a soldier, his helmet which was a two-piece set; a pre-war gas mask and goggles (https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT3a6uppDpEQbRzvXQAX6A1YLccPkVOlBRgzgIOfT4_AySNladR for reference), with a large Kevlar dome to cover him, outdated by many years however it aged well with good maintenance. A combat vest shielded his organs, adorned with many tools which looked custom built and perhaps a bit excessive. How could a man need so many tools? Only he would know. "The blue marble looks wonderful, even when covered by the dust. So romantic!" The voice squeeled, it hummed a slight tune to finish its sentence, a slight sadness overshadowed the delight. "Yeah, she's a real beaut but that isn't why we're here. Do you know where the nearest access lift is, this crater is definitely only a one way thing and I plan on getting out" The man replied as he edged away from the crater. It wasn't that he was afraid of heights, it was that the dust was clouding his goggles and he was afraid it would disorientate him enough to make him lose his balance, he assured himself. "Back the way you came it seems, turn left and it should be down that hallway" and with that he left the scene fading into the dust until he disappeared into the cold metal hallway, its walls were blank, it was lucky he had a guide, a man could easily lose himself here. The lift was sufficient for the purpose; a bed, a fridge, toilet, books. How could anyone live here? He thought to himself. B84 lit up in the jungle of buttons he could have pressed, its light was only dim but it shone in his eyes. What he was looking for was down there.
  5. I made a game suggestion a day ago and you guys have had this huge argument but not even looked at my suggestion ;_;
  6. How about a game based of the mount and blade warband system? 4 Attributes Strength - You can carry heavier armour, hit harder with most weapons, carry heavier weapons, generally harder to kill Int - Bonus skill points, bonus to all party skills Cha - People like you more, larger party size Agi - Bonus weapon points, move faster, attack faster, become better with weapons There are a range of skills, I can't remember them all off hand but they're separated out into the 4 attributes and you can't raise a skill over a 1/3r'd of your attribute, so if you had 9 int, you'd be able to raise the skill to 3. There are different types of skills, party and self; party affects you and the party, self just affects you. Weapon skills; Now this is more dependent on the setting, I was hoping to go medieval but we can go with guns if you want it. I have been watching a lot of game of thrones (being as the second season is out and all) and been playing a lot of warband, and I was wondering if people would like to go for a game where there a set number of large and equally powered factions all wanting the title of king/queen. The setting will most likely all be original (as original as I can make it) Now people may think, why not just play a game of warband? Because the multiplayer isn't that good, and I believe there's no campaign multiplayer, just PvP. Also the NPC's all have preset conversation, while in this I'll try make it so there's a lot of story (most of it on the spot because it's impossible to predict your exact actions), even the tiny little villages :3. How will it work? Basically, I am either going to use maptools or draw a map and you say where you go, and then stuff happens where you go. How will battles work? Of course, if it's anything like warband, there's going to be large amounts of battling going on, now as it's mostly going to be you versus an NPC, I'll just have it like one massive DnD encounter, except for it's GOING to have to be you breaking off with a squad and fighting waves after waves with reinforcements. How will death work Like in warband, you never 'die' (unless you say you absolutely want to die from it) instead you are always knocked unconscious, no matter the amount of damage (a player can kill another player, but you will forever be a dick) When can I run it Summer is soon, I'll make some prep for then, might have a few sessions within the following weeks, but I do have exams. Will people have to work together? No, not really. If you work against someone, it's not hard to put you into a different chat. Can a player become king? Yeah, if you choose to try become king, then you can even form your own faction, but I'd really wait and serve another faction until you form your own. How often will sessions be? Either weekly or bi-weekly, tri-weekly if people can make it (I have no plans for summer)
  7. Sir Admiral Ridgewell Dawkins UK One of the best in her royal highness's navy. Dawkins was born into nobility, learning about warfare, strategy and tactics all from a young age. While traveling on his father's to the lush continent of Africa, Ridgewell discovered and embraced his love of the ocean. Describing it in one of his many autobiographies as "A wild in-tameable creature that is beautiful and graceful yet vengeful and full of wrath". Luckily for Ridgewell, his father fully embraced his ambition of becoming a captain of a ship, and supported him by paying for lessons with one of the navies finest Captains at the time Captain Nigel Thorner. It was not long until Ridgewell was able to enlist into the navy, of course being of high class and education, was assigned an officer role. He was second in-command of the fine ship, HMS Defender which was charged with the defense of British trade ships as they made their routes, specifically in the Caribbean; which was captained by none of than Captain Nigel Thorner. An infamous pirate by the name of Arthur McFlintlock (A fake name given to him for his expert skill in guns) ambushed a trade fleet which was unloading goods at the time. Unprepared and outnumbered by the superior pirate fleet, the HMS Defender was sunk. Survivors of the battle say that the HMS Defender went down valiantly, sinking a good few ships of the pirate fleet before being obliterated by the pirate flagship (Juggernaut, a dreadnaught class ship). Dawkins survived the battle, swimming to the relatively close port, but Nigel went down with the ship and was lost to the sea. Seeking revenge for the death of his mentor and friend, Dawkins trained and fought to settle the score with the infamous pirate. For his actions at the battle he lost his mentor at, he was promoted to captain (it was vacant for obvious reasons after the battle), in the appropriately named ship HMS Revenge. For many years, Dawkins scoured the Caribbean sea, finishing off what few pirates remained as their numbers dwindled. McFlintlock was one of the last pirates and by far one of the most nefarious. It was a rough stormy night when Dawkins spotted Arthur's dreadnought off the coast of an unnamed island in the Caribbean, but being a man of honor and very British, he approached the pirate and did not engage until the pirate was out in open ocean. There were only two ships present in the battle, Juggernaut and HMS Revenge. There were rough waves that day that bashed harshly against the cold iron of both ships. Like angry titans, Arthur and Dawkins fought one another to the end. It was ultimately the HMS Revenge that triumphed the ship combat, which Dawkins described in his autobiography "The sea picks who she favors, and let's him win", as the wind was in Dawkin's favor. However, Arthur did not go down with his ship, he instead rope swung to the Revenge, to challenge Dawkins one on one in a sword duel. The crew of HMS Revenge could only describe the scene as mesmerizing as it was frightening, two masters in the art of war and two very skilled duelists one on one in a thundering storm. However, Arthur was wounded from a shrapnel of cannonball explosion, and fatigued from the long battle. He succumb to a stab wound inflicted by Dawkins to the torso and was dumped overboard. For his efforts in eradicating such a fearsome pirate, he was knighted and promoted to Admiral, and dubbed "Pirate slayer" by peers. When the computer was found, and space travel became possible, Dawkins was appointed admiral of the British space fleet. Although not like the sea, Dawkins hopes to rekindle the feelings of battle in space when he battles the pirates.
  8. Nah, it's quite a coincidence that Mather and you both were building (I count upgrading as building) a computer, as how many times do you build your PC? It's not common. Nex was just being a moron with his comment.
  9. No, he's just one of those guys who falls in love within moments. Admittedly it's an easy trap to fall in. Girls generally don't like it if you seem too desperate and say shit like you love them all the time, it's kind of like you wouldn't want a girl to obsess over you.
  10. If I find the time I will attend. Anything you need us to do before we attend, roll up a character?
  11. Lei you need to face the facts that those really sound like blog posts If you don't, you'll end up tumbling down a long road So get your own space Else you'll become a deviant. And uh... I ran out of what to say, but you get my point
  12. You imply only 3 people play this game :S There's still Nex Me Ross Mather (Potentially) Paul Which is still a lot of people.
  13. In my personal belief: True love does not exist, but that's because I use true love meaning a love that is decided by fate. As in, two people are destined to be together and when they find each other they will know it. That does not happen, it just doesn't. I believe the stage, which is love, that is; the stage in which you have fully let someone into your life, you trust them completely, they know you completely, and no matter what you can always come back to this stage. Now, I've never really reached that with a person except for family members (hell if you see someone everday for 17 years, you're going to end up letting them in.), but I do believe that this stage is possible to reach with anyone in the world. Everyone has the potential to get on with each other and love each other, it's just the possibility of that happening is nearly impossible. For example a white supremisist becoming best friends with Samuel L Jackson. I mean it could happen, feelings for other people make people do weird things, and even change themselves internally. Now love does not have to be mutual, the person you love does not have to love you and vice versa. This is where problems arise. See, people have some internal urge to be loved and to love someone. I don't know where this comes from, it could be society pushing its values of a strong nuclear family and hollywoods huge film industry which almost always promotes love. But people specifically look to fall in love, and begin to build an illusion where they might be in love with someone, but they only want it because society wants them to and they personally don't want to be in love with that person (now you may think that contradicts my point earlier, where people can fall in love with anyone, but no; that rule is absolute and overrides this one) and it leads to heartbreak. Now I personally wish that people were more open to each other, in respect that complete honesty all the time. If you've ever seen the invention of lying, that is my ideal world. Although then again, that's personal opinion, I'd rather have brutal honesty than to be tricked. So to summarise, true love does not exist, love exists, I believe it'd be easier if people were more honest to each other.
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