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  1. I am pretty sure that the illuminati operate under a rule of two. At least, that's how it was back when I was a member.
  2. It's funny because we already scaled back tremendously. I am still pretty sure that your problem is with both high-level and high-power games.
  3. System apart from DnD < Lol
  4. They're just trying to kick you in the pants before college.:)
  5. As to the Savage Worlds thing, I am going to be out of town this weekend, but during the summer holiday, I am up for more sessions per week.
  6. Hard to discuss with you when you're not online on steam,
  7. Well I would rather not have options eliminated because of race
  8. Well if I am understanding correctly, this is in the same world as previous, and there was a cat that founded a house. With vested bloodlines, it is not necessary to be physically related.
  9. Summon ally on a water elemental is a veteran power.
  10. Ah, fair enough. Pathfinder is a pretty high powered setting
  11. I don't really see how dungeon crawling and the reasons above (aside from the computer thing) are mutually exclusive. And I think we already went over the story thing.
  12. I thought the point of dungeon crawl was that if we smashed through easy parts of the dungeon, we'd level, but there'd be progressively more difficult monsters, so you don't actually need to artificially boost weaker monsters. It would become obvious when we reached some sort of equilibrium level (say we were level 10 and fighting CR 16s regularly, but not utterly steamrolling).
  13. +1 to Alg's thing Only thing I would suggest is point buy, so you can choose what concept you want. And I would suggest a concept first, because if it's underpowered, we can just optimize it up the wazoo and it should balance out in the end (trip bard anyone?). Optimization being the means to an end.
  14. Retech is Hex! But on a related note, I remember that I found the idea off some idea that was reposted on this forum.
  15. Surprisingly, no Imperial Russia + Bear Cavalry = Badass
  16. I tried to amass a squad of bear cavalry in Napoleonic Hegemony (Dusty was the moderator), but he didn't go for it.
  17. Oh no, my murder mystery plot is so flimsy that it can't hold up to basic skill checks and 1st level spells! By the time you get divination, the entire setting of the world has changed. The assumptions of a low-magic world can't be directly applied. But I was more referring to the your claim that the premise of DnD was being murderhobos.
  18. I'm not sure where you're getting that conclusion from.
  19. Plot doesn't really need to be about mugging and killing people, though. :o
  20. The solution is not to give your low level monsters SR. It's to introduce higher level monsters. The plot just becomes more "epic" in terms of scale. Optimization is not really a problem by itself. It does not really cause problems in plot, nor does it inhibit roleplaying. And the problem is not with the system either. Perhaps if the plot became more relevant or driving, then it will have a greater impact. One problem I noticed is that there is a lot of OOC chatter all the time, which can sometimes inhibit roleplaying.
  21. Yeah, even just using the chat with the roller is better than before. The map can just be used occasionally to describe positions, if you need. We can just stretch the chat screen all across the page, and it becomes an IRC with a dice roller
  22. House Beaumont Magic is Life [hide=History] The Hammerhand struck swiftly that day, for the wizard's guild was slow to rouse and powerful when enraged. Before the fighting had concluded, the revered towers of old had fallen and the great libraries had collapsed into themselves, as their demiplanes were torn asunder. But according to Boccob's will, magic would not be defeated so easily; balance would be preserved. For a lesser-known event had also occurred on this day, the founding of House Beaumont by Lady Master Jen Caedmon the Wise, messenger of the Great Beyond and Sage of all lore, both Arcane and Divine. Initially proposed as a self-funded expedition by Lady Caedmon to expand the control of House Caedmon in the eastern provinces, the main part of the expedition left Steinbyr numbering a few hundred. They were joined by workers hired from other Caedmon-controlled provinces and Jen's most faithful followers. They made their home in the mountains and built three mighty strongholds inside the three tallest snow-capped mountains. The three strongholds represent the three passing eons of the world, balanced with one another. The first, home of an ecclesiastical union and keepers of divine truth, represents the unchangeable past. The second, home of a wizards guild and practitioners of modern magic, represents the established present. The third, home of the alchemist and engineers guilds, represents the mutable future. [/hide] [hide=Religion] While polytheistic like the other lands of the world, Beaumount centers on the worship of Boccob, the god of arcane knowledge, balance and magic, and Pelor, the god of the sun, healing, and divine magic. Emmantiensien, treant god of hidden magic, Titania, goddess of the magical fey, and Wee Jas, god of magic and death, are also venerated as a main part of the pantheon. As an important center for commerce and gateway into the interior, Beaumount has shrines located on the canal waterfront dedicated to Fharlanghn, the god of travel. [/hide] [hide=The Noble Court] In each of the strongholds, the cathedral/throne room are located within the peak of the mountain. Lenses close to the top of the mountain direct light into many narrow channels cut into the mountain. These beams of light reflect and refract on a carved ceiling made out of ice (to serve as prisms and lenses) to illuminate the chamber below in a dim and shifting light. At night, a continuous flame spell is slotted into the ceiling to light the chamber, but on exceptionally clear nights, when the dimmest celestial objects are visible, the flame spell is not cast, to allow starlight to fill the chamber. Within the noble court, bards are tasked with providing continuous musical entertainment. As Master Jen the Wise was initially a celestial, she brought her musical tastes with her, and her strict directions for courtly entertainment and etiquette are still preserved today. Performers are required to play softly and in gentle tones, while singers use mostly vowels. All speaking conducted by courtiers is in celestial and use of the language by foreign diplomats is looked upon favorably. Despite this, most common people still use common in their daily lives. [/hide] [hide=Whispering Vale] The mountain strongholds are surrounded by untamed wilderness lands, at least according to human standards. As much of the excess food grown for export is farmed on terraces cut into mountains bear the stronghold, a thick forest has been allowed to grow in the surrounding area. Cris-crossed by hidden forest trails, a small druidic order cares for the land. While certainly not as beautiful as the old-growth forests of the treants, the woods function adequately in funneling merchants and traders to the paths along the canal waterfront. [/hide] [hide=Stronghold Defenses] The main entrance to the stronghold consists of a waterway connected to the canal that flows into the stronghold. Small rowboats and slightly grander sailboats are available to ferry people in and out of the stronghold, as the larger ships traversing the canal cannot fit themselves. Within this cave containing the waterway are also alcoves of dry land that jut out of the walls (or rather, they are cut out of the walls) that act as docking stations or market stall locations for quick transactions, though most trade still occurs in Steinbyr. Merchants can travel in shallow-bottomed rafts or canoes from alcove to alcove. Above and surrounding the cave are tunnels. Arrow slits and observation holes cut into the sides of the cave allow guards in the tunnels to watch the entrance below. Similar protective alcoves of tunnels leading into interior parts of the stronghold, but lined with watching guards and arrow slits, are found throughout the stronghold. [/hide] [hide=The Canal] The Canal, connecting the ocean to the rivers flowing through Steinbyr, was a large engineering achievement. Fifty feet wide and winding through the mountainous northeast region, the canal is the quickest route for cargo from much of the world into Steinbyr, bar teleportation and flight. At the time of its construction, the canal represented more than a 25% reduction in trip length. The canal was constructed by funding from House Caedmon, Lambert, and Beaumont, but currently Beaumont has taken over most of the operations and become majority stakeholder (along with breaking away as a dependant of Caedmon, though the two are still on friendly terms) in order to preserve a neutral stance and preserve free commerce along the canal. [/hide]
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