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Going for 99 mage


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Hello forums. I want to get 99 mage, my final goal in rs and finally quit. I am currently 92 mage almost 93 and I'm wondering if i can get 99 mage on a budget of 15-20m, and if so how and how long would it take?


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I am pretty sure you can make 99 magic on that budget. Alching is always good XP, but you have to find at least a few items usually. You can try using fire spells on metal dragons as well. Maybe you will get lucky and grab a visage (You will almost definitely get a few dragon drops there if you decide to go from 93-99 maging metals). Should help lighten the cost.


Personally, I alched. I just would go on the GE whenever I ran out of an item and looked for another item that wouldn't hit my bank too hard. The problem here is that many of the good alching items can only be bought in groups of 100. So finding a few items and stockpiling ahead of time is a good idea.


Good luck.

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Just Alching from level 92-99 you will need 100,265 High Alc casts, that alone in nature runes is 22.5 mil (out of your budget) without the item to alch. Another method you could try is the String Jewellery method; that would require 78521 casts which, if using a mud staff, would cost 23,006,653 gp. You could also try making hunter kits but this would require 93103 casts costing you 30,350,926 gp.


If you're wondering how many fire surges would be required the answer is bit more complicated. You would firstly need to cast a minimum of 36069 fire waves to get to 95 magic which would cost you 16,447,464 gp (using a staff of air). From 95-99 another 36127 casts would be required costing 32,008,522 gp. Which is a grand total of 48,451,986 gp which yes you can make some back (if you get lucky probably most of it) but will mean you have to buy the runes in stages.


To answer your question, I don't think you have enough money (15-20 mil) to get to 99 magic.



[Please note that I've taken this cost from the base xp of level 92 (6,517,253) so the cost may be reduced slightly. Also my working may be slightly wrong as I did this in a rush (sorry)]

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Alching is pretty terrible exp these days.


Plank make offers fast exp, and is usually around 3gp/xp which would come to around 20m. String jewelery is another option, and requires much less concentration than plank make.


If you're dealing with a normal spellbook, consider superheating. It provides supplementary smithing exp (though I suppose you wouldn't care about that), but more importantly it can be very cheap, and still retain a decent exp rate.

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Make your self some more money and superheat gold, you could use the smithing levels. Its 127k magic xp/hr and 135k smithing xp/hr

but its 7-8gp/xp...





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