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TRWF vs Solace


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Wasn't going to post but incredibly proud of our performance today and I need to mock Zhandaly.


So we initially set up for 2 rounds of matched opts, which turned into 3 after the second round.


We headed up with our 33 fighters and were set to attack, we quickly 1 hit our pile but Solace managed to get a 4 man lead within seconds. We tried to combat it with good styles and managed to get it even a few times but eventually we ran out of binders and decided it'd be better to leave the portal 6-8.


For the second round it was Range/Melee/Binds and we headed up with our 26 fighters, we were defending and got a messy first pile off. But we got things together and with amazing ko power and awareness we had a high amount of ko's and 1 hits. At the 17-13 mark Solace graciously decided to leave CC and left us victorious.


As said they wanted a third round and this round was supposed to be rush on sight with the same rules as the last one. This time James5013, our worst fall in leader, was leading but this didn't stop us. Even after Solace 1hit their first pile we stood our ground and kept it even, we then got a 4 man 1-hit streak that sealed our victory and at the 20-something mark Solace left CC.


Thanks for the great fights Solace always a pleasure. Incredible job today Warhungers.


Special shout out to Zhandaly who got 1 hit in all three rounds.


Thanks again for the fights Solace.


Round 1:


Trwf starting: 33

Solace starting: 33


Trwf ending: 0

Solace ending: 8


Round 2:


Trwf starting: 26

Solace starting: 26


Trwf ending: 17

Solace ending: 0


Round 3:


Trwf starting: 28

Solace starting: 28


Trwf ending: 20

Solace ending: 0




Ending Round 2: trwfvssolendr2.png



Ending Round 3: trwfsvssolendr3.png




Stormfolk | TRWF Clanfriend


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Well done TRWF :shades:


"In Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power. Well that wilderness out there, that's our universe. Let's rule it like titans"

34i2qyojpg.gif Proud to have been a Council of Tempted Killers

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