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  1. LOL

    Well if you're into dressing up...

  2. Good Job Downfall <3: Looks like you guys had fun :D
  3. Was fun, thanks for the fight LPT! Good Job CE :wub:
  4. Looks Good! The only question i have is that what happens if a clan has two rounds to a fight, and wins one but loses the other, how would the points be decided then? (i realise the answer kinda seems obvious but i'm just wondering how it'll work exactly). Anyway this should help with activity :)
  5. We did horrible, grats on your win and thank you for the fight! :shades:
  6. Congrats Jack! Totally deserved :wub: I'm sure you'll do a good job :)
  7. Was fun, thank you for the fight! :shades:
  8. <3: Was fun thankyou for the fight THE! Good Job TO :wub:
  9. Was fun but confusing! Thanks for the fight HF :)
  10. Was really fun, thank you for the war! :) Oh and thanks for the encouragement :wub:
  11. Congrats to all the winners! And thank you for voting us for best matched ops! :wub:
  12. Looked good! Nice one TT! :)
  13. Thanks for the fight DW ! And Good Job TO! We did great! :wub:
  14. Good Job CE! :) Thanks for the fight DG! P.S Sem :wub:
  15. Grats TT ! :) Hi Gregg! :wub:
  16. Watched the first half of this fight before i had to go, and it seemed pretty even then, but i guess i wasn't there when it started to get very messy so it's hard to say who won! Grats to both clans, seemed you both had good and bad parts in this fight! :)
  17. Really Enjoyed this war, so thanks for the fight Coll! :wub: Ending would have been better, especially if one of our members hadn't afk'd near the end of the war! :P
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