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  1. was close as hell, missed the war myself. Grats DF
  2. yaaaaaaaa T0 :wub: hi Cynn :)
  3. good job ph, unexpected a bit tbh, keep it up
  4. good job both kinda funny how most top clans talked crap about CWA, yet all of them do it more and more often. Maybe they realised their organisation isnt top notch
  5. In Silent Ember our policy is to not go too strict on our applicants. Of course we have an activity based requirement, and being a complete idiot in wars, as well as outside of the wars is not allowed and will be punished. But our main aim is to have fun, which doesnt go well with a strict application system
  6. terrible is the best way to describe our performance while you guys did amazing. grats and thanks for the fight
  7. Runner up MOTM in 2010 August in Runescape Elites.
  8. wow it was today, I totally forgot about it :S good job guys and thanks for the fight Eternity
  9. Nice job TRWF, say you guys while was watching TT vs DF
  10. My longest fight was 10 ish hours at TT vs VR. It was pretty enjoyable for the first ~5 hours, but after that it started to get boring. Obviously there are some interesting moments later on the fight (like when one gains momentum etc) Either way, I left TT last week. It would have been nice to be a part of a victory like this, but then again I am greatful that I didnt waste 24 hours of my life on this.
  11. I would be lying if I said this wasnt expected. Same old Gx lol, grats TPR
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