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It's been a year now since I made that last introduction, so I figure I'd do a bit of a general update. I'm still Iglw and I'm still playing RuneScape, though with much less time to do so. I've gotten two 99s (firemaking and agility) since I started this blog. I managed to get a submission into the player's gallery earlier this year. I hope to keep improving my art skills alongside my programming skills. I am interested in pixel art and mainly help out with the atlas section of the main site. My main goals for this year is to continue getting 90+ in all skills while finishing off one or two more task sets. I am aiming for three or four 99s this year. In order to achieve this, management of regular interval activities (Bork, familiarisation, herb runs, Jack of Trades) will be a main goal for this year. ~ Mar 17, 2012


I vaguely recall starting a blog on Tip.it a few years ago, but I'm guessing that's long gone along with all the other posts that have been swallowed by the black abyss of time and transition. I seem to be browsing these forums more often lately, and seeing as I am nearing level 80+ in all skills, I figured I might as well start a blog thing. My original RSN is Ignite 168. My original TIF name is Shingai. They are now both Iglw and are unlikely to change any further in the foreseeable future. I started playing RuneScape in the year 2002, my original account no longer active since I did not transfer it to RS2. My current account was made some time during RSC and can still access the Veteran world. I served as an Elder of the Order of Cabbage for a few years before "retiring" and went on to (very briefly) try joining a clan. Meh, not for me. During all this, I've taken several multiple month breaks from the game. I've explored much of what this game has to offer, so I typically check out new content within the first two days of its release. Man, this game is addictive. ~ Jan 9, 2011








80+ GOALS (Completed May 5, 2011)













The 90+ skills spoilered were achieved between Jan 9 2011 and March 17, 2012.




Started fishing cavefish just the other day. Pretty cool. Need high fishing for a task. Jan 18.



I have all the logs I need for 99 firemaking. I'm not sure I want to give up my sanity just yet though. Need high firemaking for a task. Jan 25.



47,064 gold ore. Think I might mine these myself. Need high smithing for a task.



Bork, bork, bork (especially once I get Varrock Elite). And I want to try doing weekly familiarisation. Need high summoning for a task.



22,256 concentrated gold ore. Not enough for smithing. :\ I'll live.



13,329 dragon bones. 63,312,750 gp at 4,750 gp each. Need high prayer for a task. Sigh.



Cooking is cooking. I'll pick a fish and cook it. Next. Need high cooking for a task.








Capes of Accomplishment/Distinction

- Quest (Maintained since January 2007)

- 99 Thieving (April 2008)

- 99 Fletching (March 22 2010)

- 99 Construction (September 2010)

- Veterans/Classic/80 Milestone Capes (May 2011)

- 99 Firemaking (July 2011)

- 99 Agility (November 2011)


Effigy Self Sufficiency

[Non-Boostable | Boostable | Level 97+]

- Crafting/Agility

- Construction/Thieving

- Cooking/Firemaking

- Farming/Fishing

- Fletching/Woodcutting

- Herblore/Hunter

- Smithing/Mining

- Runecrafting/Summoning



This is me making the pilgrimage to Brassica Prime April 2007. It was pretty awesome.

If you didn't do this, you missed out big time. I can give you a cabbage if it makes you feel better.




Other Stuff

812/830 Music Tracks



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Misterxman and Chaosvuistje (Dharokslayer), both being pixel artists and having ties to the OoC, typically left a trail of pixels wherever they went. ;)

We've had several pixellers among our ranks, but I blame those two for making me sink so much time into these things. :P


Newest pixels top and right.














Apprx. April 2007


Random Doodles. Warning: Large Pics










Font: MV Boli


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89 Fishing


ty lonk! ty mix! ty mr!


I got 89 fishing yesterday. 1,582 cave fish to 90 fishing.

27%->37% to 84 farming (level at which I can plant lycopus).


I think it's already Wednesday. I should do penguins. I'M DOING PENGUINS!!!! What does everyone else spend their peng points on? :o

Points will go into prayer I think. I'd do herblore but I have my eyes set on Falador shield 4 first.

Also, circus, tears of guthix (143 tears), familiarisation (if i'm not feeling lazy). Doing them all at once keeps me on my toes.


Done, done, and done. I usually kill bork twice every other day my timezone (dinner for me usually straddles midnight GMT). Killing bork now, though. D&D tomorrow night. woop.




After 90 fishing and 84 farming, I'll work on a herb level or two. 77 or 78.

Then it'll be a combination of dungeoneering->93+, cooking->90+ (95 for task), and farming herbs for herblore->80.

That's the plan anyways.


3 more dg levels until I get to unlock warped floors, wewt.


Not RS-related: Preordered DA2 booooyaaaaah. So. Flipping. Awesome.






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90 Fishing


I gots da 90 fishing. Been fishing cave fish for a while. Too lazy/sick to do bork, farm runs, or dg lately. I need to get back to those really soon.

I did the Hati thing, that was pretty quick.


12 more skills to get 90+ in. Gogogo.



In other news:

Been playing some eve online and super meat boy. Eve's new char creator is pretty impressive and super meat boy is super fun. :)


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87 Mining




87 Mining has been reached, and I realize now that I have passed the 2200 mark.

Mining gold in LRC for now. I intend to either begin cooking or return to dungeoneering once I get into the grind of the new school term, though I might end up with 90 mining first for the hell of it.

Mining, fishing, and woodcutting practically level themselves sometimes don't they.


My calquats have been growing slowly lately.

That makes me sad. :(

I've kind of started to do herb runs again.


In other news:

The economy in EVE Online is as competitive as people say it is. At the busiest trade hubs, I have to update my trade orders every few minutes to keep up with the competition.

No wonder they consider trading a form of PVP.

Super Meat Boy is becoming increasingly difficult, though still really fun. I just suck at platformers.

Still haven't started playing Fallout 3 even though I have it on my computer. There's just so much stuff to do!


I'll put more interesting stuff in the blog in the future.

Bah. Algorithms...

*sulks off*


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84 Farming




I'm going to have to start planting more expensive trees eventually.

84 farming allows me to plant lycopus and make strong melee potions within Daemonheim. I've gotten quite a few herblore lvls from strong magic potions, actually, so I'm hoping this is willprove even better.


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77 Herblore




I've started doing Shattered Hearts again and am keeping a log of it in my second post.

3 more Herblore levels needed for 80+ all skills.


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Apologies for the double post, but I couldn't find the delete button if it exists... so I'll just add more stuff here.


New Goal: 92 Firemaking Before Wilderness


Apprx. 1,600 maple logs burnt per day. Aiming to speed 92 fm up to avoid pkers. Wish my wrist good luck.


Day 1: iglw.png

Day 2: iglw.png

Day 3: iglw.png

Day 4: iglw.png

Day 5: iglw.png

Day 6: iglw.png

Day 7: iglw.png

Day 8: iglw.png


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89 Firemaking




I despise this skill.


In other news:

Finished downloading The Witcher. Think I might start Fallout 3 soon.

Bah. So many games, so little time!


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90 Wrist Straining Firemaking




I'm on schedule. Also 2nd of 13 90s


In Other News:

Started playing the Witcher, GTA IV, and Fallout 3. I'm pretty sure juggling them all won't be as fun as playing each individually. We shall see which one I shall finish first. Though I really want to finish a playthrough of Fallout 3.


Club game's D&D characters hit level 12, booyah.


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91 Firemaking




I believe I'm two days ahead of schedule or something.

Been doing it west of GE, forward and reverse.


I've been watching Firefly while I firemake. And playing Fallout 3 in between.

Crazy game has me stumbling into a town I hadn't passed the first time.

I didn't expect things to diverge from my first (incomplete) playthrough so soon.


Cool stuff indeed.


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92 Firemaking + Inferno Adze (Before Deadline)




I pretty much followed Tip.it's beacon guide to the letter.

Lunar, trollheim teletab, lumberyard scroll, goblin village orb, everything.

Pretty sure I had plenty of time to spare. Be sure to bring multiple doses of super restores.



Will probably need to do it again once pking comes out for the extra rwards, though I'll wait a while before doing that.

Anyways. It's 4am.


Magicka is awesome.

I'm going to bed.




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80+ Skills, Capes and More!


Mmm, it's been a while. Took a several month long break from RS, bounced around some other MMOs: returned to EVE Online for a month, checked out the new stuff in the Cataclysm expansion. Bonus XP came and went in RS, but I wasn't motivated to use it to the maximum effect. The recent new capes made me want to finish getting 80+ for the milestone cape. Logged on to grab my classic and vet's cape as well. Snazzy.


I need to decide what my next steps should be. Continue 99 Dungeoneering? Checkout the new updates and quests? Go for 90+, and part of it... find out how to drudge up the millions needed for herblore and prayer?




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You have a lot of cabbage. And nice skills. Good luck and have fun on your goals, and check out my blog :)

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2222 Total, 95 Magic, 93 Constitution, Livid Farm, Hati Gloves


Seeing as I've been gone for months I still had to burn up the double xp from the Hati gloves from way back when. I've been doing Livid Farm for some sweet magic xp and new spells. Got to 95 magic from high 94 with the gloves and still have 17% left to burn. Repair rune pouch is a godsend for runecrafting and tele north ardy is pretty awesome if you don't have ardy cloak 4.


I decided to use my one time refund for my ring of kinship to finally purchase a chaotic weapon. (I know, at 92 dungeoneering it's a bit late, but I've been doing other purchases first.) Went for Rapier solely to do frost dragons and wow are they ever nice, especially since nature runes tanked in price and I haven't had time to repair my bank after 99 construction.


Anyhow, I'll probably continue doing Livid Farm for a while considering the decent farming xp it gives, with some frost dragon trips every once in a while to restock my rune supplies. I think I might decide to wait until I get the funds for 90 cooking and smithing... and probably 90 mining... before doing another run at 99 dungeoneering.


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Pixel Art, 89-> Mining, Also: WE SAVED SCIENCE!!


71% from 89 to 90 mining. Did that while working on this pixel for the TIF pixel art contest. Was hoping I'd get 90 by the time I finished, but alas that was not the case.

Dual screening is so nice! Oftentimes when I do it with windows I need to have the canvas on full, so I end up not realizing I'm being pummeled by living rock creatures.

If I do win anything the prize money is going to go towards 90 smithing.




Earlier this week I got Portal 2 off steam and, man, it's sooo awesome!! Beyond words, so I'll just stop.

Finished both the co-op and single player. You should get it.




Thinking of playing Witcher seeing as how the second is coming out next week and a friend keeps raving on about it.

I couldn't get past the beginning the first time due to it's incredibly low start. We shall see.



Finally found a use for that second post I've had reserved. A place to put all my pixel art past and present. Not sure why I didn't think of it earlier.


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Geddemnit! Gotta Update My Blog That No One Probably Reads


So I guess it's been a month since I last made an entry here. The last thing I remember doing after writing this blog was getting the lava mine gold mining gear and starting to smith away.


Anyhow I've kind of stopped playing RuneScape for the current moment. Finishing up summer school, final exam tomorrow, gedeemnit.

Been playing some EVE Online, that's been fun. I guess?! I joined a corp to see how far up the corporate ladder I could climb, but it turns out the CEO is a complete idiot, and our alliance got double wardecced or something, and the alliance leader and our ceo is handling things pretty poorly, so I'm pretty much gonna bail and see what my other options are. I've made a few contacts within the corp though, who have already bailed/are also bailing, and will be an asset to me in the future. I may consider joining up with some folks from my old corp I was in a year ago. Dunno. THIS IS A RUNESCAPE BLOG?!?!


Pretty hyped about SW:TOR I guess? I wasn't before, but after E3's trailer... daaymn.

trooopa TROOOPAAH!!


Anyhow, I'm almost done writing the post for Cabbagepalooza 7, which will be from July 10-17th, so keep your eyes peeled on the events forum for that if you are interested...




Man, that is a complete mess.

That is, a completely awesome mess.


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