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Blake's Blog 2480 Total, No 99s [8/25 98s]

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***Dont look at first post for updates, look at last page or two***

I've never seen the appeal of getting a 99 skill, so a while ago I decided on my goal - the highest total I can get without getting a 99. Just to be different, I guess. My starting stats (and bank) are below. So, I like to train my stats evenly. I worked to all stats 80+, and I'm working on all 90+ right now. After that, I will raise them evenly without getting a 99 until I can max.

Edit: Now that I've got all 80+, my goal is to get all skills 90+, without having any 99s.
Edit2: Now that I've got all 90+, My goal is to get the highest base stat as I can (eg 95+) without having any 99s. Then, I'd like to get 20+ 99s at once!
Edit3: It seems I will be able to get 23 99s at once, because HP and Strength will get bumped over 99 from slayer and DG.

[hide=Latest Bank/stats]
Dates are in the clock in the bottom right of pictures.


Goals: I will be doing these somewhat in this order, but I wont be sticking to it exactly.
Total Level: 2071/2290/2496
Current Stats

[hide=*23 99s at Once!]
Stats -

Completed skills -

[hide=Construction #1 (Oct 29 2012)]

[hide=Prayer #2 (Nov 4 2012)]6uyz7.jpg [/hide]


[hide=*All Skills 90+* DONE!!]
81/90/90 Runecrafting
80/90/90 Construction
88/90/90 Dungeoneering
82/90/90 Agility
82/90/90 Thieving
88/90/90 Crafting
83/90/90 Fletching
89/90/90 Slayer
80/90/90 Hunter
88/90/90 Mining
81/90/90 Smithing
81/90/90 Cooking
87/90/90 Woodcutting
86/90/90 Summoning

[hide=All 80+ Goal - Complete!]
71/83/80 Agility
71/81/80 Runecrafting
71/80/80 Construction
71/88/80 Crafting
70/80/80 Hunter
73/86/80 Mining
71/80/80 Smithing


[hide=*Elite Diary Skills*]
86/92/96 Fishing
80/95/95 Prayer
80/97/95 Cooking
87/90/93 Slayer
86/96/92 Herblore
80/95/92 Firemaking
71/95/91 Runecrafting
80/90/91 Smithing
71/90/90 Agility
80/93/85 Crafting
80/90/85 Fletching
81/90/82 Thieving

80/91/95 Summoning

[hide=*Combat Goals*]
80/95/95 Prayer
86/96/96 Herblore
87/90/90 Slayer

81/90/100 Dungeoneering
86/91/99 Summoning


[hide=Total/bank/level/random pics from the past]neEfW.png
First Whip
May 2008 Bank
I'm sitting on the leprechaun :^.^:

[hide=Sexy Outfit]20110403214043.png[/hide]

[hide=Pernix Body solo]3nijw.jpg [/hide]


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Today I created my blog, did a few rounds of sc. I used 3 of the hammers to get ~150k con xp, and from 71->73. Getting close to all 80+! Agility and RC are just going to be a bore though. 80 Hunt sucked a lot, and agility/rc will be worse. At least I can watch Dexter while I do both of those :grin:


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Very nice, i love your total level and no skill cape :thumbsup:


Best of luck on your goals, keep up the good work!


Thanks :) Would be awesome to have 2300 total or something with no 99s hehe.


Just did a couple farm runs and got 74 con before class today, might get 80 tonight if I have the hammers


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Nice goal :) I'm sure it won't take you too long for the short term ones! Best of luck :thumbsup:

Posted Image


- 99 fletching | 99 thieving | 99 construction | 99 herblore | 99 smithing | 99 woodcutting -

- 99 runecrafting - 99 prayer - 125 combat - 95 farming -

- Blog - DeviantART - Book Reviews & Blog

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Thanks guys (and girls :razz: ) The blog isn't much yet, but this weekend I can put some time into it and make it better. Hopefully 80 agility and rc won't take that long, but they do suck pretty hard.


Had a lot of homework and studying today, so didn't do much. I made a new sig of my favorite thing in the world, an Audi R8 <3: <3: <3: Got a bunch of fishing xp while studying, and some farm xp. I'll start off tomorrow with 84 farm! Made about 5m from flips, and used the rest of my sc hammers on construction, and got 75. Just going from 71->75 has got me from like 100k rank -> 50k rank. Anyways, here's the pic. Goodnight everyone :)




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Grats on 84 farming :D.


Good luck with your goals, :).


Add me in-game. Firingstr.


I tried, it said invalid player name or something :|





Best of luck, sire.


ohi oBg5n.gif


Today was a good day. Went to class and stuff, Buffalo Wild Wings with Mr. Pinkbullet3, which was delicious =P~


I got 6 SC hammers, then used them all. Got about 300k con xp in 50 minutes, along with 75->77 con. I'll finish off 80 over the weekend, and then... idk :-P I wanna start dunging again, but don't really have anyone to do it with.

Oh also finished 50 torstol seeds, 500 herbs, and about 4m profit. Pays for 71->80 con :thumbup:

Here's levelups...




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Hey, add me ingame too. Oh wait...


Grats on the levels and good luck with the goals.


I would be happy to dung with you again...I'm tired of w117 noobs :wall:


And btw, Audi R8 rocks. :thumbsup:


Audi R8 DOES rock :mrgreen: :thumbup: ty



Sooo, got a lot closer to my goal tonight :) did sc and got like 10 hammers, and then...


And then...






Only 2 skills left to all 80+!! So close. Agility and Rc will be so slow though :( I got the 400k Construction xp that was left today in about 75 minutes haha. It also got me my highest ranking skill, at 35821. I'm going to ZMI rc, and haven't decided if I will use agility horn yet.


Edit: fixed con pic haha


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wut is this

i dont even


Started my 80 rc journey :( Watching Dexter while zmi'ing. Almost done with the fourth season, and it's getting pretty intense. Awesome show. All awesome except the message from megaupload -> "You have watched 72 minutes of video. Please upgrade to premium or wait 30 minutes to continue." [email protected]@@@@ :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:





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That would be great and all except... I would be out of Dexter to watch by then :(

I finished the 4th season, it was awesome. Idk if I liked that or the first one better. On second thought, THERE WAS AN AUDI R8 IN [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] So I liked the 4th better. :mrgreen:


EDIT: Ranked 57th on runetracker for 1 day rc gain. Wooooo



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Way to steel my blog title, you nub.




Gratz on 73, though. :thumbsup:


Oh you <3: Ty.


Today was a horrible day irl and irs. I attempted solo td's, which I used to be ok at. Whenever a higher level wasn't trying to crash me, I was screwing up. I probly only killed like 10 in the 90 minutes I was there, and 4 of the drops were rune meds... I'm already burnt out of rcing.


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I bought 30k dragon bones for 4360 each, costing about 130m. I can either sell for around mid price for 6m profit, wait for them to increase and maybe get around 9m profit, or use about 27k and get 95 prayer and turmoil.


I'm thinking I'll get turmoil. I'll have about 30m net worth after, with full void, rapier, and other good untradeables.


I was holding off on rc until Free Trade comes out and I'll do w66 laws if it comes back. I'm going to do BA for an agility horn, just doesn't sound appealing to me yet. I'll probly just do dung or slayer.


If I get more than two levels that aren't rc/agil, I can't get all 80 and 2100 total at the same time. Oh well


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Well after seeing the ashes update on the BTS, it seemed like the dbones would drop. I thought I could sell the ones I bought yesterday and buy them back cheaper. Only 20k bones came in overnight. So, I went to put my 20k bones in for med (200 above what I bought last night) and they sold for 4770 instantly! That's like 30gp over "max" :thumbsup: I know I should have just tried to sell a couple first, and probly could have got more, but oh well. I still made about 8m. I'll wait until the ashes thing to buy them back to see if that's a viable way of training.




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