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READ ME: How to submit info!


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The Website Crew voluntarily spend a lot of their time updating the site with all of the latest updates every single week. This could not be possible if Tip.It did not have such an active community helping out by posting information, tips, and images from new quests or updated content. As RuneScape is such as vast game, and the Crew is a small group of people, it is impossible for us to do everything by ourselves. This is why we need YOU to help out in any way you can.



To make it easier for you (and us!), follow these simple set of rules when submitting information:

  1. Only post information and screenshots from yourself. This means do not copy and paste from any other fansite or from the RuneScape wiki. This would be considered plagiarism of potentially copyrighted material. Everything must be in your owns words from your own findings. All images and screenshots must be taken by yourself.
  2. If you see another thread that you can contribute to, you can post your own ideas and suggestions if you want to.
  3. If your information is used on the website, you will always get credit for your efforts, there is no need to ask.
  4. Always provide the highest quality images possible. If you do not know how to do this, simply save your image as a .png. Do not try to re-save images from one format to another.
  5. Crew member(s) will look at your thread, and decide the best course of action. This may consist of updating the information on the website and closing your thread, or they may ask you to provide some more details.
  6. You can post all small corrections and spelling/grammar mistakes in the pinned thread.

Here are two examples of helping in a meaningful way:



You guys should add the new Elves pickpocketing info.


name=Helpful]Pickpocketing the new Elves earns 384 exp. Possible loot

is 288 gp, Gold ore, and Unicorn horn.


Look at this topic {link to massive topic containing very little pertinent or concrete data.}
Here's a new section you could add about the new Brewing skill:



can be done in Keldagrim upstairs at the East pub, or in Port Phasmatys

in the bar's basement. Each site has an attendant on duty who provides

helpful information about brewing, listing the side ingredients and the

order to add them. The Port Phasmatys attendant is Metarialus; you must

wear a Ghostspeak amulet to speak to him. Ale yeast can be purchased at

either location (you must have an empty Pot; there's a handy spawn in

the Keldagrim room). The price in Keldagrim is 25 gp (I think?);

Metarialus in Port Phasmatys requires 5 Ecto-tokens instead.





Because Tip.It strives to provide the most accurate information possible for its users, we ask that you provide in-game screenshots, or an equivalent method of confirmation with any posted submissions or corrections. Why is this necessary? Screenshots confirm your submissions and make them much more helpful to us and the website. They are a great help for corrections that are difficult to verify, such as quest-related topics. For information about taking screenshots and displaying them in a forum post, visit the tutorial below.


Taking Screenshots and Posting Images Tutorial



If you ever have any questions, you can always PM one of the Website Crew.

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