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"Progressive Metal"

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It's prog, right? Well, judging by some of the other suggestions it is.


Porcupine Tree are prog, not sure about the metal part. Symphony X are a must in the prog metal department, as well as Dream Theater obviously. Also check out Adagio, Andromeda and Planet X.


I <3 SikTh.

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Tool are not a metal band. Ignore anyone who suggests Opeth, they suck. ;)


No mention of Control Denied yet? Schuldiner's other band, they played quality progressive power metal. Other progressive metal bands with cleans:



Fates Warning



Queensryche (no mention yet? For shame! Operation: Mindcrime is a classic of the genre)



And harsh vocals:


Shining (NOR)

The Ocean (GER)

Dan Swano


Altar Of Plagues




The Meads Of Asphodel



Ved Buens Ende

Atheist (fantastic band)

The Chasm

Cosmic Atrophy

Edge Of Sanity


Pestilence (on Spheres)

Portal (very weird)


Also, the guy who mentioned Arsonists Get All The Girls is not your friend. Terrible, terrible, even for deathcore.


Best post in this thread. Enslaved f***ing beasts.

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DefiniteArticle has it right, I second the Ocean, Burst, Dan Swano, Arcturus, Edge of Sanity, Enslaved, and Atheist (though they aren't really prog).. Most other bands mentioned here are pretty great, actually, but I'm surprised nobody's brought up Pain of Salvation.



Also, Cynic.



Oh and I love Opeth and so do most other prog fans so you probably should check them out even with Definite Article trying to dissuade you.


I don't really listen to too much prog anymore though, sort of grew out of that a couple years ago. Still listen to Symphony X and Opeth and Pain of Salvation occasionally though.

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I really like one Pain of Salvation album, think it's One Hour By the Concrete Lake or whatever. The others never did much for me.

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Atheist, as someone else in the thread already mentioned. They do good jazz/fusion in their songs too.


I recommend two amazing bands- Animals as Leaders (Tosin abassi omgmang), and Blotted Science (has Necrophagist's drummer and Alex Webster from cannibal corpse :D).


Both really have their own unique sound. Animals as Leaders tours with BTBM, but I really think BTBM should be the ones tagging along with AAL.


Both are instrumental.


Also, Buckethead is a great guitarist with his own band as well. Albino Slug album is (imo) one of his best albums.

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check out mastodon


theyre like the best of progressive metal i think




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