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Imi's Super Happy Fun Dungeon - [OSRS] - BACK FROM THE DEAD???

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That's why I'm making money first while focussing on Rs3. After I finish mining, woodcut and fishing I should be able to get best in slot for everything as well as cannonballs and prayer potions :)



[2:21:46 PM] Baldvin | Leik: these comp reqs are so bad

[2:22:36 PM] Arceus Dark: Time to get...req'd?

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No update in a while, so heres a biggun.  Gonna spoiler it so I don't GF ppls comps.


Apart from this stat pic I took 3 seconds ago.































[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@














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Putting a poll up, just for some opinions.  Having a convo with Vilya, and I'm considering my options as to whether to wuss out and get def (PLEASE DONT KILL ME [email protected]@@).  I'm missing being able to slay effectively, and use decent slayer masters.  Also would like to do some kind of pvm...


So here's the options:


  • Stay on plan, 60 attack 1 def.
  • Stay roughly on plan, but do Nature Spirit - 13 def.  The bonuses of this are slayer helm is awesome, and fairy rings are beast, and addy gloves are hawt.  Trade off is 3 combat levels.
  • Same as above, but do Fremennik Trials as well, get 20 def.  Bonuses of this are the same as above, also initiate armour and mith.  Trade off is 4 combat levels when maxed.
  • Go zerk.  Barrows gloves, 90% of all quests, lots of good stuff like MTK and ezmode slaying.  Stay 60 attack.
  • The most extreme, and also the most intriguing to me.  60 attack piety (70 def/Prayer).
  • Token mention for Range Tank, which is almost certainly not an option.  If unsure how it works, you max at 75/74/99 (75 attack for SOTD).

To be honest I'll most likely just nut up and stay on plan, but I'm curious as to you lots opinions.  Please vote properly rather than just being all GET ALL THE DEFS [email protected]@@@.


ALSO.  #farmlyfe



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Honestly I cannot emphasise enough how great defence is. The quality of life that defence brings is immense. I think it really depends on what you find enjoyable in the game, and what style of pking you like (I assume that's why you're low def?). For me I love end-game pvm and ez mode slayer as well as f2p warring. All of these require me to have defence so that's why I choose to train it. 




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If you stayed 1 ea I would do that with you


I don't enjoy long range or pest control that much hue.


I love being pure, and pure pking.  But it's just that I feel that if I play as only a pure I'll miss out on a lot.

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just make a main. or continue your main on rs3.

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ruins.png De_Elite_One.png

Inefficiency = fun. That's objective and can't be debated. Ever.


Blog to 200m in all skills.

Max cape achieved November 5th, 2011.

Completionist cape achieved December 29th, 2011.

Final Boss title achieved December 28th, 2014.

Trimmed completionist cape achieved November 7th, 2015.

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Never RS3.  60 attack piety can turn into a main easily, and I can still get quest cape etc.  I think I'll make a new acc and just do afk skills while I play imi properly.

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