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WG vs Stokenut

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P2P CWA MINIWAR THING - 23/10/2011


Tonight, PvM legend and former WG warlord Stokenut challenged DG to a 5v1.
Realising DG didn't have 5 people online, I massed WG up instead.
We also allowed Stoke to use Panda (RSD, ex-WG) as a meatshield.

5 Wilderness Guardians vs Stokenut + Meatshield
3 rounds P2P CWA
No gear cap, all styles
No Summoning

WG STARTING: 5 http://i900.photobuc.../wgstarting.png
STOKENUT STARTING: 2 http://i900.photobuc...okestarting.png

Round 1 was everything goes.
A lot of time was spent trying to get Panda down.
Stokenut managed to take out Bgp in the process, as was expected.
However, he proved no match for WG's soul splits/turmoil and DG Keanu's smite.
Round 1 Starting: 5-2, Ending: 4-0

To balance it out, we agreed WG couldn't use prayers in R2.
When we went in for Panda, Stoke put to good use Storm of Armadyl.
WG's lack of prayers proved fatal against it.
Even I got KOed with pretty much a full inventory of brews.
Round 2 Starting: 5-2, Ending: 0-1

For round 3 we decided WG couldn't use protection prayers.
We headed in and easily dropped Panda due to his lack of anything.
Fighting Stoke was pretty balanced, until his prayer suddenly dropped.
I quickly got in two EPIC d claw specs, handing us the 2-1 win.
Round 3 Starting: 5-2, Ending: 5-0

Thanks for a clean and fair fight Stoke/Panda.
It's probably the cleanest fight we're gonna get in today's clan world.


The Observer
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The Observer

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Grats WG


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rsc and p2p cwa dont mix.........................................................

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Congrats wg!

"It's not a rest for me, it's a rest for the weights." - Dom Mazzetti

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well done guys!

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