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Colours or is it colors?

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It's the basic skin, didn't change anything.

The text written in black seems a bit hard to notice. Would be nice if you'd change it with something like white (perhaps like on the main page, where the text is not so hard to noticee).

It's present in all the calculator section perhaps even in others, didn't have time to check.




Also just noticed.

Tools->Special calculator->Skill progress is broken. It loads the data fine but it doesn't arrange it properly like it's supposed to. The one on tip.it works just fine.


Might want to check out the other calcs aswell.Some errors could've occured when transferring them.



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Aslan, seeing as this is a Bug/Glitch with the Tip.It New Site Beta, you might find it more useful to go to...


"Tracker > New Site Design"


...and start a ticket there for having the issue fixed. :geek:


Here's a link :arrow: http://forum.tip.it/tracker/project-5-new-site-design/


Bugs tend not to be discussed here, because the Board's Description specifically says to Report Bugs/Glitches to the Tracker. ;)


~D. V. "I hope that helps..." Devnull




(p.s.: Not trying to be a W.B.M. here... I'm just trying to keep the forum flowing the right way!)

tifuserbar-dsavi_x4.jpg and normally with a cool mind.

(Warning: This user can be VERY confusing to some people... And talks in 3rd person for the timebeing due to how insane they are... Sometimes even to themself.)

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The black text has been fixed for a while, but unable to be uploaded yet. I'll see what can be done about the skill progress calc.

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