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Evil Dave - Recipe for Disaster


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Figure out each colour separately. Use red as an example: Add one dose of red spice to your stew, and then ask Dave to eat it. If he says that one spice is right, stop and move on to the next colour. You know that you need 1 dose of red spice. If he says that no spices are right, add 2 doses of red spice to your next stew. If 2 doses are correct, stop and move on to the next colour. If no spices are right, the answer must be 3 doses. Do not try out 3 spices, because using this method, you now know red must be three. Move on to another colour—starting with a single dose of that colour—and repeat this process through all four colours.


Tip.It says the same thing basically, but doesn't mention that you don't need to test out the 3 spic combo.


So do it this way, assuming you go red, orange, brown, yellow:


1 red-false

2 red-false (you know now that 3 red is correct, so don't test it)

1 orange-true

1 brown-false

2 brown-true

1 yellow-false

2 yellow-true


3 red, 1 orange, 2 brown, 2 yellow - DING DING DING


Only took 8 stews. (Assuming you do it correctly, you won't need any more than 9 stews.) It's just a waste to keep on using the red spice for every attempt after that.

Working on max and completionist capes.


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Eurgh, let's see, it's 1:30AM.


Try out just 1 red spice and see if he says that is correct. If he says yes, try just one orange spice for your next stew.


If he says no to 1 red, then try 2 red spices. If he says yes to 2 red spices, try just one orange spice for your next stew. Don't test 3 red spices, because it has to be right after knocking off the possibility of 1 and 2.


Just repeat for each color individually.



The nerd in me is about to make a flowchart. :P


Edit: Here ya go, this should prove infinitely useful


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ty lucidchart.com

Working on max and completionist capes.


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Just to reiterate what Paul has been saying.


Dave will tell you how many spices are correct when he tastes it.

So working through each colour in turn you can add 1 dose, then 2 doses and get Dave to taste to see if that 1 spice is correct. You don't have to test 3 doses seeing as it has to be correct if 1 and 2 are wrong.


Do this for each colour in turn and then you know the correct amounts for all 4 spices to add to the stew to complete the chunk.

So all you have left to do now is try 1 and 2 dose orange and 1 and 2 dose brown to find their correct values, then you can make the final stew.


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