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Dungeoneering help (Promissory note)


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I have a staker account that i want chaotics on but im only 13 dungeoneering, i was wondering how the xp system in dungeoneering works..

If i was to use my promissory note xp on dungeoneering, would it help me get dungeoneering xp and tokens faster if im higher level?

I don't have any other stats to use it on since they are pretty easy to train (combat ones). Im kind of new to dungeoneering and my other acc is pretty low lvl dungeoneering also.

Is there a point to using it on dungeoneering or should i just level it my own?

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350k exp would get you about 65ish DG I think, which is where you will find it easier to find teams for floors (which is 100% the best way to DG). Of course, you will need to learn the ropes at some point, and 350k exp is worth 35k tokens. It's up to you really; I'd personally do some DG first, get a feel for it and then decide.

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Using it on low level dg is a good idea, since dg gets faster as you get higher level. Low level dg doesn't really teach you much anyway since you're not really doing proper 5 man larges.

This. You also barely get any tokens at low levels. You'll have to get a few more levels, but I wouldn't worry about that too much.

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You should do it. Bosses on low floors are an absolute nightmare to kill in c6 anyways.


[20:02:27] Arttu: "You should do it. Bosses on low floors are an absolute nightmare to kill in c6 anyways. "

[20:02:30] Arttu: wtf aten is a noob?

[20:02:40] Arttu: first 3 frozen bosses are ezpz, all labd bosses cept hobo is ezpz

[20:03:02] Arttu: and furn bosses are ezpz unless 5 hex rammer or 5 csb lex

[20:03:08] Arttu: and you avoid the pillar guy anyway

[20:03:37] Arttu: but others are by no means harder than say ballak, forga, locc bosses

[20:03:51] Arttu: http://forum.tip.it/...romissory-note/

[20:04:26] Arttu: oh right, I could post there too



Oh yep, I do agree about if OP should do it, just disagreeing about low dg bosses.


99+ all 23rd March 2012 - 2496 total 13th June 2012.

9000+ dragon drops! Including draconic visage, d chains, d spears, d2h, d claws, d meds, d legs, d skirts... d bones, d hides :)?


I want jagex to put resource dungeons and dungeoneering skill doors to dungeoneering floors so I can dungeon and get dungeoneering xp while I dg so I don't have to dg to get dg exp, but I can dg while I dg :)?

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