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[EoC Live] Barrows Guide (Pics and Vid)

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Since the release of EoC I've been trying out some of the older content in the game

My first trip to the barrows was a bit of a hit and miss, almost dying twice.

I've since gone through 30 odd times and more or less got a rhythm going, and as such thought I'd put up a bit of a guide for it.

Below is my inventory and gear setup. Pretty basic, you can swap and change as you like, but basically you will need:
- mage gear (Ahrim's/Akrisae's/Gano)
- A weapon for each class, I have Polypore staff for mage, Maul for melee and Crystal Bow for range
- Any shield if you want to use the rejuvenate ultimate
- Some prayer potions, should only need if you get a tough brother in the tunnels
- Food, for eating lol
- Runes, I'm using fire surge
- A way to get there (Drakkan's medallion is the best)
Posted Image

Each of the Brothers has his own specific weakness as below:

Darrock - Magic (fire)
verac - Magic (earth)
Torag - Magic (water)
Guthan - Magic (air)
Akrisae - Ranged (bolts)
ahrim - Ranged (arrows)
karil - Melee (stab)

I've setup my action bars as below:

Melee (for Karil)
Posted Image
Ranged (for Ahrim)
Posted Image
Magic (for Dharok, Verac, Torag and Guthan)
Posted Image
Hybrid (for Akrisae)
Posted Image
The hybrid bar allows switching attack styles without switching action bars, I've found the most effective way to kill Akrisae is to use basic abilities from magic and ranged to build adrenaline, and then unleash the incendry shot ultimate to finish him off.


All 3 attack styles has 3 sec cooldown bread and butter ability (Wrack for mage, Slice for melee and Piercing shot for range), to build adrenaline quickly use these abilities in-between other basics (Example: Wrack>Dragonbreath>Wrack>Combust>Wrack>Chains etc..) this will give you access to stronger threshold abilities more quickly.

On the weaker brothers torag, guthan, karil and ahrim save your adrenaline to use rejuvenate after the fight.

The creatures in the tunnels are all weak to Magic, however melee is almost as effective on them.
For the most part the barrows is much like it was before, however it does pay much more attention to the combat triangle.
I've attached a video of a quick barrows run to show this strategy in action.


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A very handy guide :)

I'm tempted to do some barrows, I hear those ahrim's wands sell for quite a bit :P

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A very handy guide :)

I'm tempted to do some barrows, I hear those ahrim's wands sell for quite a bit :P

i got one last night and sold it for 30m on GE :)

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With the hybrid bar you're wasting 2 slots that should be for your range and mage weapon. Just drag the weapons onto the bars and you can switch weapons easily.

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first: you are not Impacting the melee brothers and moving away from them, and thus taking damage unnecessarily.

Secondly: You are using chaotic maul, but Zamorak spear works just as well without needing the repair cost of the maul. Just as in your vid, Karil usually dies to assault with a spear

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Why not use ice barrage or blitz? heck even impact?

Im much lower lvl-d than you and I don't use any prayer and average a shark every 2-3 runs. With your stats I wouldn't get hit at all.

the melee brothers I immediately auto-attk with blitz and use the Escape (ranged) ability to dash away. Don't just run away, when u turn u still get hit + escape is instant and gives adrenaline in cb.
Ahrims I do basicallly the same, he doesn't hurt me (ahrims + crystal)
Karil's I used to use Saradomin sword (crush) but Zamorakian spear hits every time and is sometimes down BEFORE assault. with my lvls I use melee head, torso and legs.

Akrisae I don't know, he seems hard.

IMHO your guide is bad. you just kill them easily with your high-lvls and take ALOT of unnessecary damage. like all those lvl 200's I've seen dieing in barrows, yes dieing in barrows... lvl 200. the protective prayers don't protect for 100% anymore, but jagex gave plenty of mechanics to prevent you from losing hitpoints.

On a side note, looking through guides & stuff what's bothering me is they're not guides at all, just people relying on very-high lvl's. Nobody with maxed stats needs a guide, I need a guide on how to do this or kill that with limited gear & skill choices with tip s &tricks,.

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