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Suspicious.Cloud.7.F from DGSweeper?

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So I download DGSweeper when Norton alerted me about this Suspicious.Cloud.7.F. It then proceeded to remove the following, C:\user\meghan\documents\dgssweeper\resource.dll

1) What is this suspicious.cloud? I searched and was told it could be made into malware?
2) Am I in trouble and do I need to run a full scan (I ran one last week)
3) Can I still use DGSweeper?


Edit: Pretty sure it's broken. This does not look right at all:

Edit Edit: I found out what happened after stumbling on another page in the forums. I fixed it. Thanks to the out page on here! :D
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Christ sake... Norton is still flagging it? Did it only start flagging it today? I updated the resources earlier, which is the reason I ask.

Submission Summary

We have processed your submission (Tracking #27816901) and your submission
is now closed. The following is a report of our findings for the files in
your submission:

File: resource.dll
Machine: Machine
Determination: Please see the developer notes.

Developer Notes

resource.dll Our automation was unable to identify any malicious content
in this submission.
The file will be stored for further human analysis.

Symantec's about as reliable/believable as Jagex. :?. BRB, sending another e-mail.


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I am getting the same error message, Norton is flagging Suspicious.cloud.7.f

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