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  1. Roman clearly didn't take Villainy 101 with Prof. Buddy. Last episode was intense. I haven't been that invested since Madoka Magica, and that show was nothing but internal and external tears. ALSO, Spoiler...
  2. PolarBearBlue


    Somehow I feel like I have came back from the dead. But enough about my resurrection. Does anyone else watch RWBY, and how do you feel about it? I feel the burning need to discuss it, but I didn't see a topic specifically about it. I can still do that right, create a topic for a specific show?
  3. Last weekend I went to an anime convention called Anime Central, or ACen for short. Being my first time ever going it was really fun. There were so many cosplay outfits, so many venders, and lot of panels (both good and bad), that I decided for myself I would go back for the full weekend AND cosplay myself. Gonna cost me a lot of money but I enjoyed it that much. So prior to leaving Friday morning I was working hard to get 2 more 99's out the way. Here's the progress from that week. I had a Greater Demons task so decided I'd do Zamorak God Wars Dungeon. I'm pretty bad at bossing, so it took over the course of 3 days to complete it. But I got many drops for it. While there I got my 4th 99 in Range! I also got my first Dark Beast task, and with a dark bow drop (or two) got 92 Slayer. By Friday I was pushing to get 99 Constitution. Maybe it was because of the number of mobs I had but I was pretty lucky I got an easy task they gave enough exp for me to get it. So yeah Anime Central. It was fun. It wasn't as crowded as I expected, nor did it it seem as bad as I thought it would be. I expect a lot of sweaty 40 year old men and annoying people, or at best what E3 looks like. Instead peeps were nice and everyone was willing to take a pictures. There were tons of venders who sold art, toys, cosplay clothing, actual swords, doujins and hentai mangas, and video games on old and new systems. I was thinking about a JoJo Bizarre Adventure Doujin but decided on a print instead. There was no way I could explain why I have yaoi to my mother. I went to a few panel discussions that were held. The more popular shows like Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill filled up quicky to my disappointment, meaning if you weren't in line an hour ago, you had to pray you were not the cut off. But some of the panels I got into were really good. There was onw panel ran by a professional writer that talked about different story types and discussed how our favorite mangas/animes did them so well. It was mostly for people who wanted to write, be it professional or fanfictions. My boyfriend was thinking about writing and we had time to kill so we went there. We also went to a Mega Man panel that talked about the games and bosses. In the panel we made our own Mega Man boss and the room voted for the best one for prizes. Well, I didn't. I know nothing about Mega Man and again went with my boyfriend. There were a few 18+ panels, including one run by Funimation, which justifies the rating, especially when you play a game called Name Dem [cabbage]. So many boobies... Some panels were okay. I went to a RWBY one that was made more for introducing the anime. However, 95% of the people there knew RWBY like the back of their hands so after a short introducing about the show we did some fan speculation discussion and talked about events in the show. It was okay but there were some errors in it. The speaker speculated Ruby and Yang could be cousins when Monty on Twitter confirmed they are not step-sisters or cousins. That said it was way better than the Pokemon panels, which was a huge unorganized gathering of fanboys/girls. I took as many pictures as I could, and looking back on them I can tell you is half RWBY/Kill la Kill. They had cosplay photo shoots were everyone who cosplayed as a character from a certain show went to specific location, and with someone in the crowd directing them, did different poses. Some were sloppy, some were organized, and some were borderline professional. Because of the borderline nudity in some of the cosplay I have uploaded only a few pictures, but the rest will be available in my Photobucket album I will link. Or at least as many as I can upload... [hide] OTP! OTP! [/hide] http://s110.photobucket.com/user/Polarbearblue/library/Anime%20Central%202014 [Entire Album] All in all it was great. So much so I wanna go back next years in cosplay! I never expected RWBY to be so popular out of the gate, so I'm gonna do a cosplay from there. It won't be special, just a cosplay of a Grimm, the Ursa Major, but man it will be fun. After I get over the initial hurdle of making my Grimm bear costume. And ideas on how to do that forum? :D
  4. It's been a while since I've updated, and I don't even remember all I did. But I remember most so let's get it. I did Fate of the Gods, but failed to do the newest quest. I got sorta bored afterwards so decided I'll do slayer until I feel like stopping. Then I realized it is possible for me to get 99 Slayer and 2400 total at the same time, given my current levels. So I decided I'll try that because while not original, it would be cool to do still. So I'll be range slaying until then, and by time I get 99 slayer I'll have 2 more 99s under my belt (range/hp). I've been doing pretty good so far. And got some pretty decent drops to add to my loot tab. I even did a clue and got a pretty sweet fashionscape hat Speaking of Fashionscape I took advantage of the skiller weekend and did Pyramid Plunder. But not for xp. Of course now if I want 99 slayer/2400 total I can't afford to level up in any other skill, having gotten 92 thieving ( I was very close so I couldn't avoid it unless I didn't do pp). But hey, such the price I pay for 3/4 Black Ibis pieces. Until next time
  5. This blog is still noob. So VERY NOOBY!!
  6. Yes, I have some advice. STOP BEING NUB! ilu<3
  7. Aside from what Squakus mentioned I would suggest doing all the quest you missed while working on dungeoneering, specifically to get magic and range weapons. Evetually you'll want to upgrade to t90 weapons, but considering you may have no money at all you'll be a long way off buying those, so chaotics will have to do. I would also suggest starting Player Owned Ports it you haven't already. With enough time spent in Ports you'll be able to make your own magic tank armor thanks to your runecrafting level. Your prayer and flecthing levels also allow you hunt for the item to make scrimshaws and your cooking level will allow you to make rocktail soups, both of which you can sell for profit. However, you'll need 90 fishing, 90 thieving, and 90 crafting to get melee and range tank armor. Other advise I can give would be to see if you can afford Barrows and camp Frost Dragons to buy better equipment, as that is my go to monster I kill for money. Other monsters would be Roraii, any of the dragons, Waterfiends, QBD, and GWD bosses. However, some of these may not apply to you because of some of the lower levels you have and or lack of equipment/money. For example, for you to wear anything better than Barrows, that defense level needs to be higher. You need 75 defense for GWD sets, 80 for Nex, and 85 for Ports armor. Good news is that Jagex seems to be trying to make slayer more profitable, so improving slayer would allow you to access better monsters, get more money, and get a higher defense to wear better gear. Other than that I would do your standard herb farming runs/mtk/daily profit while you work on safe minigames/Dominion Tower to get a feel for combat now and quest to catch up. Lastly, if you still have friends in game, they should be able to share their ability bar with you with a new in game function. Otherwise someone else can share here or you can even stop in HYT Chat (Serpent Eye) to ask for more assistance. Good luck and welcome back!
  8. Official prayer of the church of Yelps. For it is in his passing that we receive awesome prize. Through this we become faithful followers of microtransaction virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in rewards and unbound by lack of real world currency. He releases to you keys for skilling and killing. And by Alice's treasure chest he gives you free xp! As you can see by the banner, this was won this first day of the xp outfit promotion. Because of that little spin I also earned 1.5 that week for SOF Treasure Hunter. And that's because I had every outfit piece but the Robe before the promo. Three days later the all might Yelps smiled upon me. And again 3 days before this weekend's promo. So in summary: Skill outfit - Complete Slayer Mask - 10/16 No Silverhawk boots Let us all sing praises to the almighty Yelps!
  9. I am willing to help anytime I am online. You can either add me or pop into HYT chat.
  10. I dislike divination more than agility. But I need it for a quest. so what do ya do? You suck it up and turn on Modern Family. So first off, before I really started divination, I took some time off to goof around and kinda sorta boss. Which, turned out to be a good thing. If I was being completely honest, I walked into that kill as my first. They had been going for three kills already. But hey, phree 20m (10m of which I paid back to Jason because of stuff). In between divination I did slayer with my newly won Abyssal Demon mask and man, I tell you, I love these little snots. And I might have completed a task set, I dunno... The real progress; however, come in the levels I tried to power through before Fate of the Gods and even after quest release. [spoiler=Wow, much div] With 75 divination done, I decided I should be getting my quest cape back. But I really only had the energy for one quest. Well, why not get One of a Kind out of the way. Fun fact, I completed the last three fight sequences in skrimisher with arma coif, the white stag bow, and 40 steel arrows. I am so pro. All in all, a sorta good week. Tomorrow, I hope to do Fate of the Gods!
  11. I'll try my best to answer each question. 1) EOC is the the Evolution of Comabt, which is the new form of combat in runescape. Weapons no longer have special attacks. Rather some have passive abilities and you have what is now abilities that do things similar to special attacks, but are not tied to one weapon. You should take your time doing the EOC tutorial to sorta get an idea of what it is. 2) Divination is the new "lore" inspired skill. Without giving spoilers away, you basically harvest memories in certain locations and place them back into the world. As a by product you get energies which can be used to make things, something like auras and scrimshaws that let you bank certain dropped items, at as a ring of life, protects extra items, etc. As far as I remember, divination is really what smithing is to mining, so sometime in the future, we are suppose to get another skill which divination compliments, called inventor. 3-5) I don't think I can answer these well but what I suggest, since your account is brand new, is to do as many quest as possible and training combat by Slayer. Like how doing Waterfalls gets you 30 attack or whatever automatically. In my opinion I would train by slayer, but by 70+ combat stats you'll have more options to what you can train with. Outside slayer I personally find Frost Dragons good for Melee, Roraii/Waterfiend/Chromatic Dragons good for Range, and Metal Dragons good for Magic. That's ignoring what I think people traditional call bosses, which are also good if you are efficient enough to kill them in speeds needed. Also for set up, until you can get to the point where you can wear GWD/Nex sets, wear the best your charactr has the level for, upgrading whenever you can. And in general Dual wielding is better than using 2handed weapons (except in Dungeoneering). 6) Waterfiends are still great for charms. Charm sprites may also be an options. 7) I would have to say drop mining iron until you can do concentrated gold in LRC for mining and Artisan workshop for Smithing. However, the workshop is very expensive. Doing the Knight's Sword, and What's Mine is Yours will get you some nice boost. 8) Do whatever you can until you get to 30, do fly fishing until 70, then C2 fishing with fish flingers or Barbarian fishing with fish flingers all the way.
  12. Killing players who willing go into the wilderness to kill other players or skill is different from killing players who just wanna do a quest. Even if you can use Freedom and spam click, you as the pker are an ass for taking advantage of someone like that. But as they say, there is no honor among thieves.
  13. Thank you Nick/Blake. I kinda can't scape and Skype at the same time and I haven't been doing much RS. But hey.....I'm back. Miss me!?
  14. Is it odd for me that the best part of this update aside from new quest goodness is checking tip,it to see who posted a topic first? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought it was this quest that required 75 divination?
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