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Im trying to power mine in the falador caves on iron and need someone to bank all the iron i mine. who ever can help me will get to keep half the iron when im done. i have to level pretty high so ill be doing it for a while. you can help me for as long as you wish but please give me half the ore when youre done. i am trusting the person who helps me and yes you could scam me but if you do ill just report you and move on. your doing me a favor and yourself one by banking all these iron so youd be cheating yourself if you steal any. please PM me in game if you are willing to do it. thank you.




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Generally if you have someone banking your stuff, they keep everything. Afterall they are emptying your pack so you can mine.


You might want to just consider learning how to drop quickly, or bank your iron. That is how powermining works anyway Or find a deposit box near some iron. There are quite a few of them



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