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Brand new RS members?

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I've been wondering, a lot more as of late just how many brand-new (first time) members RS gets anymore? When I started (2006) the quests, the skills, the landscape...everything seemed pretty intimidating. Still, there were only a small percentage of people running around with skillcapes...not very many people were maxed out on combat at 134 (or was it 136 back then?). It was fun and you could learn most of what you needed in a few days and from there achievements seemed attainable.

Now, with EOC, the RS3 interface, dozens of minigames, there's probably over a hundred quests, Solomons store and SOF, seems like everyone has 200 combat and over 2000 levels, Battle of Lumbridge, Tasks, etc etc etc...I can't imagine being brand new and thinking it'd be much fun when everyone else has epic levels and to really start doing the fun stuff would feel like it would take forever!

Don't get me wrong, I think Jagex is doing a phenomenal (sp?) job of keeping long time players happy with new content practically every week. I'm glad they are (at least seemingly) gearing their efforts towards keeping players than gaining new. I just can't help but think I'd be frustrated quickly trying to play brand new in 2013.



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Maxed combat was 126 until summoning, 138 after, 200 since EoC.

I really don't know how many entirely new people buy membership each day, but I doubt the current tutorial contributes, as it's really crowded and ugly.
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I'm not sure the current tutorial is particularly helpful in that it doesn't represent what RS is like to play from medium-level upwards. By giving all of the skills equal weight, it almost implies that you could spend your time training to be a certain 'class' (a summoner, for example), like you can in most other RPGs, and that you can train each skill in isolation from other skills without hindrance.


It would be far more helpful if it just said, "Train combat, use combat for GP, invest into buyables, repeat ad nauseam," or whatever the efficient advice is these days. Even if that specific advice is wrong or outdated, you can still appreciate the principle behind what I'm saying: The tutorial doesn't equip players with the skills or the know how for life outside of Burthorpe / Taverley.


I'd therefore be interested to know what the average lifespan of a new player's subscription would be, although working that out would be nigh on impossible unless you're Jagex and you're keeping track of such things.

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