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  1. Any 99 is worth celebrating. Even cooking and fletching. Maybe not as much as slayer or prayer, but it's still an accomplishment.
  2. Pkers are cowards and will use any advantage they can. It's not about making money or stuff. Just go to the lava maze when there is a group penguin hunting. Twenty people wearing absolutely no armor being attacked by some 12 year old who just wants to get his jollies making the game suck for other people. Trying to tell a pker not to use a chicken-**** method to trick and/or dupe someone is a tall order. Sounds like they got you pretty bad I can honestly say I've NEVER lost a nickel in babyland. Only time I lost anything to a pker was when there were pkiling worlds and I made the mistake of using a glory amulet to tele to Edgeville. Some little kid barraged me the minute I appeared, I lost my rune pickaxe because I had forgotten I still had it on me. I do regularly get killed doing penguins, which is pretty annoying. Beyond that I stay out of the wilderness. If it's a school night and I have good reason to I venture in (clue scroll usually). School nights typically the wilderness is less active.
  3. Pkers are cowards and will use any advantage they can. It's not about making money or stuff. Just go to the lava maze when there is a group penguin hunting. Twenty people wearing absolutely no armor being attacked by some 12 year old who just wants to get his jollies making the game suck for other people. Trying to tell a pker not to use a chicken-**** method to trick and/or dupe someone is a tall order.
  4. I've been wondering, a lot more as of late just how many brand-new (first time) members RS gets anymore? When I started (2006) the quests, the skills, the landscape...everything seemed pretty intimidating. Still, there were only a small percentage of people running around with skillcapes...not very many people were maxed out on combat at 134 (or was it 136 back then?). It was fun and you could learn most of what you needed in a few days and from there achievements seemed attainable. Now, with EOC, the RS3 interface, dozens of minigames, there's probably over a hundred quests, Solomons store and SOF, seems like everyone has 200 combat and over 2000 levels, Battle of Lumbridge, Tasks, etc etc etc...I can't imagine being brand new and thinking it'd be much fun when everyone else has epic levels and to really start doing the fun stuff would feel like it would take forever! Don't get me wrong, I think Jagex is doing a phenomenal (sp?) job of keeping long time players happy with new content practically every week. I'm glad they are (at least seemingly) gearing their efforts towards keeping players than gaining new. I just can't help but think I'd be frustrated quickly trying to play brand new in 2013. Thoughts?
  5. When harvesting/planting, are there any assists? Such as; Ent, Juju farming potion, Greenfingers Aura?
  6. 1. Civil unions offer far fewer benefits than marriage does. 2. Nice bit about the closet gays there. The "oh if you support gay marriage you must be closeted" implications totally add to your credibility. 3. It's not a lifestyle choice. Homosexuality isn't a choice. Gay people are born gay (although obviously this isn't obvious until they've had time to hit puberty and figure out which people they want to screw around with. 4. As Sprint said, the fact that you're calling it sexual deviancy just shows your ignorance on the topic. Frankly you sound pretty bigoted so far. 5. That's for the same reason that interracial couples demanded to be included in traditional marriage, that "separate but equal" policies are never the answer (not to mention the fact that the equal half never happens), and that women keep demanding equal rights even over seemingly unimportant issues. Because no-one likes being discriminated against. I was not aware that conclusive scientific evidence has been found to prove homosexuals are "born that way". Would you mind posting that? Even though I do not condone the behavior, I think categorizing gays as "born that way" is akin to saying they have a sickness, a disease of sorts. And...as I knew would happen with the flaming, your "bigoted" comment is uncalled for. Just because I disagree with someones bedroom kink (Sprint was right, I used the word fetish, it's actually a kink), and that lifestyle being forced upon us as "normal" does NOT color me a bigot. From the technical definition, which is a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his/her own, I am a bigot, as are you for your your use of the bigot as well as the word ignorance. Homosexuals are equal from a standpoint of getting a job, eating at the same restaurants, etc...but as to the natural union which defines humans they most certainly are not. No more than one who marries their own brother, or multiple partners, the Eiffel Tower (silly as it sounds Google that, a woman actually did that) If civil unions are legally different then they should be updated to give the same benefits as a marriage and let homosexuals have civil unions. Problem solved.
  7. Why can't homosexuals have civil unions? if it's all about being able to love who you want and having legal rights, why must it be called "marriage"? Honestly, if the reason is to force people to consider homosexuality "normal", nobody's buying that. And yeah I know, flame away...gays and closet gays (who typically are the loudest supporters of the lifestyle) are allowed to do that. I'm not allowed to disagree with the lifestyle choice, but it's ok that I be called bigot, insensitive, ignorant (and/or worse) for not subscribing to the idea a deviant sexual fetish is normal. All that aside I understand the arguments on both sides...I just can't grasp why it MUST be called and compared to a traditional marriage. It's not.
  8. So...even though I've finished up to floor 39, and the xp from, say, F1 - F28 or so is crap, I should reset, strt back at floor one and go all the way through again? What is I reset and just started at my highest floor?
  9. So I started last week really playing dg. Never tried it, but got to lvl 65 from Tears of Guthix, skill lamps, etc...I enjoy it a lot and am learning fast how most everything works. I don't for the life of me understand the "reset" bit. Like now...my "current" progress is 8, my previous is 39. Should I "reset? What does that mean for "prestiege" and why is that good anyway? Thanks in advance for help!
  10. Can't say I'm so sure doing overloads is the way to go unless you don't care about spending the $$. Sure they max your stats, but extremes will do that without taking 500 life points. And unless you like using them (I don't) once they're made it's a waste. you can't sell them, and alching only gets you like $113 gp or something like that. At least Saras and the like you make *some* of your $$ back.
  11. Agreed. It's not really worthwhile unless it's a skill you can't stand. It needs to be updated or something. I did always get a kick watching someone else play alongside of me and announce "wow 200 points" Uh-huh. I used to average in the 130's at best. There's no way you got 200 kid.
  12. Hunter was always the toughest one for me (I completed the statue finally and don't bother anymore). Falconry can take a long time too but it does tend to be the quickest. What really sucks is that falconry isn't at all profitable, unless you're willing/able to have a tortoise or pack yak and keep/sell the dark furs, and even that is not very profitable...
  13. I hate that auras get a bad rap all the time. BlahBlahBlah not worth it...They're free. No RS money, no real world money. They take up no inventory space nor space that would otherwise be used for equipment or armor/gear. Do they magically level you up to 99 all at once? Certainly not. But they help you gain xp a little faster and that's all they're supposed to do. /rant. Oh and the spreadsheet=FTW. Thanks jeremy!
  14. Yes thanks for the reply. I posted on the RS forum, they don't support my version of OSX. I'd have to upgrade to 10.6, and even at that there's no guarantee.
  15. I have a Powerbook G4 running OS X 10.4.11 I can't get RS to load or run. If I try via Safari it tells me I need to update my Java, but I did the software update and it's running the latest version of Java (at least, what this notebook will allow). The client will not run either, I get a message... "Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.UnsupportedClssVersionError: Bad version number in .class file" Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Yes that clears it up. Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:
  17. Sorry to ask again and possibly sound dumb, but if I demolish/move my chapel and the altar, do I lose the gold leaf as well? I guess it's not a big deal, I put my chapel upstairs so it's not convenient for bone sacrificing, but I'm 99 prayer so it doesnt matter much. Then again part of my goal in remodeling my home is to possibly have parties or at least open it up to others to use the altar so I would like to move it.
  18. Thanks...what happens if I move stuff? Like My altar...do I have to spend alll over again on the gold thing? How about my costume menagerie? Will my pets run away if I delete the room and move it?
  19. I'd like some suggestions. I'm not very creative, and I'm level 81, so I can add quite a bit. I've only ever used construction for things I wanted (teleportals, gilded altar, etc...) and never really gave much care to the layout. Any and all ideas are appreciated. The three rooms on the left are my upstairs, they sit directly over the top of the squares to the right, and the single room (dungeon) is just below the room to the left of it (skill hall).
  20. Topic title says it all. I'm 99 summoning, I don't think that there are too many pouches that make any money given the cost of shards...or is there a spreadsheet floating around that can help?
  21. Thanks from me as well! The mindstick idea was especially helpful!
  22. Thanks all for the replies. I guess I'll just do a lil' variety. I like doing the agility pyramid as a monotony breaker, and I'll maybe buy some summer pies and do the gnome course with thelog-in/log-out trick (although pies aren't *that* cheap! I had to put in an offer of $1k each and even at that had to wait overnight to buy a full inv. of them!) I have been using my Sköll boots...I'm down to 55% so I'll def be done by May 1.
  23. Trying to hit 90 agility so I can do the upper level Barbarian Agility course and finish my Fremennik task(s). I'm lvl 80, and just getting there was not fun at all. I thought runecrafting was tedious (it is), but at least you GET something out of it and it's not just mindless clicking for hours on end. I know I can eat summer pie(s) and do the advanced gnome course (I've seen it suggested), but eating half a pie for every go-round is just retarded imo...You can't at all afk, and the clicking is too intensive to try and read or even watch a movie while doing it. SO..... What agility courses do you find fun???
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