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Livid farm help


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Ive helped pauline with 160310 points, but i dont know how much astrals and nature i need for 850k points, im only doing farm en craft with livid farm,(not cons) and i have a mudstaff.


Thank you for reading

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based on the rune wiki calculator you need on the order of 38k astrals and 17k natures over the course of 437 full cycles, however that is doing the con as well. 


considering you would need more astrals and nats because you will be there longer due to not doing the con. however you will loose less due to not doing the con. i am not sure what the difference is though. that would involve more math than i want to do atm. 


i got my numbers from here




gl, livid for me was a slog and a half. 




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