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Suggestion For Seercull Bow Update For OSRS

Update To Seercull Bow  

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Hello, I've composed an update which I believe will make the seercull bow useful in both PvP and PVM and finally make it a viable weapon to use and a semi-worth while drop from DK's.

I've made a commetary video where I go in depth explaining this idea which you can watch below, for those that don't wish to watch the video I've also included info graphics with all the information in the thread as well. Feedback and opinions are welcome, and I look foward to reading them. Thanks!


Tl;dr info graphics:


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I don't believe the tick system would allow them to do 2.0 intervals. And it may not be overpowered but it's certainly unbalanced. That special attack means that mages who are already disadvantaged towards ranged attacks are going to punished even further.


Not to mention that this would drastically affect hybrid although I'm not sure if it'd be good (promoting ranged in the hybrid scene) or bad (spec would be high risk low reward since the opponent could switch on their melee armor)


All in all I really don't think it's a necessary change, current seercull spec has its uses (niche, as any special attack should be). With decent timing you could completely take someone off guard



[2:21:46 PM] Baldvin | Leik: these comp reqs are so bad

[2:22:36 PM] Arceus Dark: Time to get...req'd?

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