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Damage Inc Ends An Era

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Quote by Olde Nite from DI forums: http://www.di-rs.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3685/

I've written thousands of topics in the past, but this one is definitely one of the hardest ones I've written. 
Truth is, I could sit here 24 hours a day and not miss a beat. I could sleep 2 hours a night, 3 hours a night and it didn't even matter because life would go on and I'd still have a list of things that I looked forward to do on here. I enjoyed every second of it. There may have been unexpected challenges (unknown, unknowns) almost daily, but I always appreciated that challenge. Some day life's going to hit you like a [bleep]ing truck and if you let your emotions cloud that judgement you're going to fall apart, at least initially. So I always tried to embrace things for what they were, knowing anything was possible, with the top priority being the members, at least within DI.
I've always said as long as I have desire for something I could do it 20 hours a day, no matter what. What's a bit ironic here is I haven't lost desire. I still enjoy the game, still enjoy the people (mostly) and still have the time. But it's not about me and never was. It's about DI and the community as a whole and that's really the only reason I continued this. As a group, the leadership team decided we can't continue. Many of our members also recognize that, with the way the clan world operates, we can't live our lives and live up to the expectations of our fellow clan members.
The reality is, the clan world will never become what we want it to be. The actors, even if they're new, have operated the same way they have for 15 years. People may have gotten older, but their attitudes are just as immature. That makes a sustainable, fun clan world for all, impossible.
It's no longer fair to ask anymore from you our members to build DI if the clan world will continue to stagnate. There's nothing left for us to accomplish. We could spend every hour organizing 100 new members and Jagex could release clan support, but it would be a ton of effort just to have the same results. It's time for us to move on, and probably what remains of the "clan world" will shortly follow. The members both past and present will always be the reason why this clan was so special, and even though our challenges were much different on OSRS than pre-EOC, we were one of a kind and will always be known for the way we pioneered the clan world. And for that, I thank you all.
A special shout out to everyone who was involved the past year, especially the officials present at the time. It's not easy to have faith in something when you're just left in the dark, your forums stolen, and all of your infrastructure shut down. It was an impossible task and yet we somehow made it work, easily attributed to our unique community.  
Personally, I will be quitting the game and likely dropping my stuff to DI members so that it can be put to good use. I'm not disappearing, but overtime I'll probably be long gone and never look back as that's pretty much how I roll. I encourage everyone who continues to play the game in a clanning capacity to not make rash decisions. Decide as a group. Right now active DI members can have the most power to change the clan world, and that will be completely determined by the final decision of where to go as a group.
Our community will still remain intact, as it has for over a decade, as long as they are used and for the sake of all of you. We hope many who have left our community return without the stigma of "posting on a rival forum." We have no intentions of leaving you in the dark and to your own devices, so if you still want to come on IRC/Forums for the time being, you are welcome to. If there's something you need/want to talk about, my PMs will still be wide open like they've always been. I may not respond within 0.002 seconds though. 
Thank you to all those who made our time in this as a clan fun. The future for each of us is unwritten, but we can no longer, as adults, run a clan.
I can happily say I was and always will be DI til I die. DI is an idea, and although institutions are finite, ideas are eternal.
Below are just some of many of our best moments. Feel free to add your own:
The release of Revenant Caves


Spring 2017 DMM 3rd place


Bantz with our boy Classix and Benjy


Coming up with the spear+mace meta


Oergg's Final Speech Pre-Eoc


DI's forum content from 2005 after Bigaboys tried to take down the boards
And then ghjjf's forums shortly after this, when people didn't fear registering on clan websites
P.S. Pick out the lines Oergg edited in rofl


- Proud member of Damage Incorporated -

Infernal Pkers '05-'07
Pked 200+ ahrims,100+ dh sets

Old accounts: Adamlion5, Zurhone27, Socaplaya0, Shadyplaya00



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And then there was one




Anyone who likes tacos is incapable of logic.

Anyone who likes logic is incapable of tacos.


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