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Waterfall/dam picture version 2 up!


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It took 3 hours, 4 textures, original brushes and "no-idea-of-what-so-ever" to create this piece. The picture is pure Photoshop although it would have been a place to excercise modeling skills ( too bad I have none :? ).








The full sized image is 700kb, so it's a link (spared you with slow connections :wink: )








Made a new version. Changed the grass. Now it's 3 textures, instead of 4. :wink:




































This one is just a teaser, check the full sized to see the detail (and how blurry it is :oops: )
















Please comment. I wan't to know how to improve.








Personally I don't like the background. I just couldn't get anything suitable there and the solution used is probably the worst thinkable. It's there to form a contrast between the pure water and ugly human structures.








I quite fancy the water however

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Nice pic! When I looked at the grass it looked like lines and lines of the same pattern over again. You should change that if you could. I cant really find anything else wrong with it.

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Really nice, pure photoshop you say? Nice :)




Thats all hand made?








The building has a bit fake look, but not too much, so it still looks good.




The grass could use a bit of work though, bit mroe variation, bit of colour variation perhaps? And height variations..








The overall piece is looking good, original concept, I dont think many people on this board have done such a thing.








Love the water, it kinda looks like its a photograph with a timer function on it, and then photographed streaming water..








Good job :) :D

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Very nice peice man. The building is all done in PS? Too good to be true 8)








I love the water. At first i couldnt see how it was done, but now im noticing all the little details and little things. How long did this peice take? Im guessing allot :shock: EDIT: Missed that part of were you said 3 hours :oops:








9/10. A very nice, semi-original peice. Good job :wink:

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