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yes i will pay you i am doing temple of ikov and ive done everything on tip says and i go to open the door to go into the room with the fire giant and it says door wont open WWWHY?!?! please tell me what i need to do and leave your runescape name thank you!

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Yeh, the tip.it guide is a bit confusing. When I did that quest I gave up on tip.it and used this one.




o.O advertising another help site? :lol:




And this is an "Help & Advice " board. Every topic that has been made will get mostly help. No need to put please, help or i'll pay you in your title.




Do as the people said, wear a pendant of Lucien and boots of lightness and you'll be fine.


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Oh, dear. I looked at the quest guide and I can see that you are correct - it is not giving enough explicit information.




With the pendant equipped, go north from the main entrance chamber into the area with the skeletons. Go to the northeast passage and continue straight north. You will come to a little room with a lever (and a trapdoor). Approach carefully, and right click on the lever to search for traps (and disarm). Then pull the lever. This should allow you to enter the Fire Giant's lair to the west and continue with the quest.




I've posted this information in the Website Updates and Corrections forum to be added to the quest guide.




Please let us know if this does not help.


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