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Hello everyone, I have a question about raising magic to level 94.




Right now I am short on cash, since I just got back from nearly a year long break.




I really need to get my magic to 94, since I'm planning on turning my account into a really good PKer. The problem is what I stated above - I don't have enough cash to buy everything I want right now.




What is the cheapest way to get to 94, while getting a decent amount of XP?



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You'll make money on alching yew longs if you either:




1. Cut the logs and fletch them yourself (buying bowstrings) and buy nats (~300-320ea)






2. Craft your own nats and buy yew longs (~600ea)




You can also try buying the materials for yew longs (logs and bowstrings) and offering 'Free Fletching xp' i.e. trading materials for bows, on the forums. Some people do this.





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