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acount locked?


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edited because noone can read slang:


well my main has been locked because jagex thinks someone has hacked my acount.


i know the password, it has not changed, but jagex locked my ao[bleep] and i do not know how to get it back.


i went through the recover a locked acount... no progress.. the recoveries were not working


i used all of the information i could i did not have the pin i was given when i payed by text.. i gave as much information as i could and jagex would not give my acount back


i tried to contact jagex on my pure but no progress was made.. i tried everything possible and its just not working


please guys can u help me :cry: i really want my ao[bleep] back


before you post bare this in mind:


1 MY AO[bleep] IS NOT BANNED!!!!!


2 i cant read the messages in my account its locked (i.e. on read your messages on runescaoe home page)

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Why would Jagex just out of no where think that your character was hacked? Sounds sketchy... anyway - you need to wait. Things like this take time... does not take couple minutes. A J Mod needs to look over your request and varify it, to make sure your not trying to steal another persons character. So WAIT! :wall:



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Could Please use correct spelling and grammer? i have no idea what you said...




You need to use better grammar also. Your sentence needs to be "Could you please use correct spelling and grammar? I have no idea what you've said...




Before correcting people on their grammar and spelling, I'd recommend checking yours first.


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o.k basicly to sum up for the lazy pepole... my acount = locked and recoveries do not work. acount not baned and i tried to contact jagez but it does not work... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp






Lazy people? Right the one that couldn't type a few extra keys?




Anyway theres a sticky for this

well today at 11:30 am 14 years ago i was born.. wo0t!!!
At 11:30 you should start holding your head underwater wo0t!!!
Stop acting such a moron.
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