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Desert Treasure!?


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i am trying to do desert tresure and i dunno wut to bring to kill stuff




my sig will tell stats


i got full rune whip and all that


click my sig for my blog!!!

Thanks everyone for the sigs they pwn!

No. Why should i give presents for someone in rs?

Most selfish thing I've ever heard

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id reccomend, using monks robes and maging them all but the ice one, melle him ebacuse he lowers your stats, also use the best mage you can, and seen as your only level 63/4 then use god spells and you should be ok,

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Mage all but Fareed; melee him. Fire spell on Kamil, Iban Blast on Dessous and Damis. Melee Damis' first form and bring prayer pots for all of them.




I've done it with these stats, so you should feel good about it. lol


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how I did it:


vampire: I bought 1 mage pot, did earth blast, melee prayer on and few sharks.




damis: bring 5 - 10 prayerpots, spells can either be iban blast or a wave, and bring food! use the torch to do some sidestepping if u need time to eat and heal prayer.




ice: bring fire waves, 4 prayerpots, 4-8 sup restores, the rest sharks. drink sup restore pot everytime the icy wind drains your magic till 59. kill 5 trolls, wait right before the iceguy will show up, and right after you get drained heal prayer and stats and health and go to him. put melee prayer on and wear good mage armour, he'll hit less than with melee.




fire: push-over, I did it with 17 water waves .. take 30 to be sure, prayerpots not needed maybe a bit food but not much.




I guess that covers it all, the way I did it.

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