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~Two Suggestions For Draynor~


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1. I think there should be a general store in there so you dont have to walk/tele to the other cities. Plus, If you hav something u dont want, you can just sell it there.




2. I think we should be able to tele to Draynor. The tele spot would be right above the bank doors or below the bank, near the willows. I think its gets annoying when you have to get something from like verrok, then u gotta walk all the way back to draynor =p




bad? good? suggestions?




Flame all you want #-o





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1. keep your stuff until your in a city where a general store is


2. ever heard of a glory?


if your f2p: it really not that far from the lumby tele spot


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You don't really need a general store there, so many in other villages and a glory ammy will teleport you to draynor. However what I would like would be a agility shortcut under the west wall of lumbridge castle, so you can easely get to draynor from lumbridge. A Rimmington teleport would be more usefull, falador is a abit far.

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Teleports are generally reserved for important cities, not small villages like Rimmington. One might wonder, however; why a village would have a bank yet not a general store. They do have a market place though.

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