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F2P Pure


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personally, when I used my pure mage pker I took 100 chaos, 100 death 1k fires, weakening spell runes, bind runes, air staff, full mage gear, mage amulet, dragon-fire shield, gloves, boots and the rest of my inventory was lobsters or swordfish.




no. :shame:




bring runes for 100-200 casts of bind and fire blast


u could bring bring weakinging runes, but if u can bind enuff, they wont have a chance to attack u

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What do you mean, what about melee and range? You said this was your f2p pure so if you are a pure mage then yuo wouldn't be in melee range or worry about range weapons, as pure mage rely on magic alone.

Tsi Ani-Yunwiya



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