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  1. Thats pretty funny. You have discovered the secret tree. Decode the message and the tree unlocks the auto-chopper-killer skill for you :)
  2. Never tried telegrabbing, but I'm pretty sure it wont work.
  3. I think the best way of boosting KBD is make him higher level, more HP, more varied, harder hitting attacks, then fix up the droplist to make him worth it.
  4. The Enchanted Key is a quest item from the Making History quest. The quest guide has some more information about treasure hunting with it.
  5. Antifire pot and mage prayer used to work, but I think they changed it, not 100%. These days the only way to get 100% protection is antifire shield + pot.
  6. Nope. Having a clue scroll in inventory or bank prevents any more from dropping for you. Likewise if you have 1 on the ground and one drops, you can only pick one up.
  7. My first account name (Omnidragon42) was something that I've used in every game, it was something I came up with in highschool and used as my starcraft login. My current name (X Omnishot X) was supposed to be a range pure, I kept the Omni from my first name (which is what most people call me), added X's and the word "shot" like, "shot arrows" :)
  8. Congrats! I love training in dangerous areas, I've looted so much from people dying in barrows, and even at iron dragons, someone died the other day and dropped 20k cash :)
  9. I know I've quit and come back several times, and giving all your items away doesn't help, just makes you feel stupid when you do come back (that's what I did :D)
  10. I believe they've stated the Dragon Pickaxe thing was a copy and paste error. I'll edit in link if I can find it. Here
  11. I consider myself to be rather intelligent :D I play RS because it's something to do when I'm bored. I currently attend college, and work 40+ hours a week, but sometimes I get spats of downtime where I don't have time to get involved in something big, so I hop on RS for an hour or two.
  12. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked this thread so hard, it moved to off-topic. Chuck Norris jokes are hilarious, I dunno what's wrong with y'all!
  13. HELP!!! I'm trapped in a computer class and I know more then the professor! Has anyone else ever had this problem? Not a stupid instructor, but just generally misinformed? I've corrected him 3 times this lecture alone.... Share your stories here!
  14. Seems pricey though. I've already got a stack of mith bolts to play with
  15. Thanks alot for the quick replies. I'll hop on when I get home from school :)
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