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Yes I did search... couldn't find what I needed...

Licky Kat

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I am looking for a free image hosting site that allows large file sizes without resizing the pictures.




Like 3.6MB large.... Does anyone know of anything?




http://www.ImageCave.com works for me... You have to register but it's free.




Edit: I'm not sure if 3.6MB would be too large though...


Edit*: I just checked and I'm pretty sure it said that free accounts are limited to 1MB so you may as well forget my idea...

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what file type is it? imagekafe supports a few less file types then others. or if it still gives you problems, email it to me, i never have problems with imagekafe




EDIT: Nevermind, i just looked at the site and they are switching servers, but there sister site is still doing the same thing they do. HostAuto




EDIT AGAIN: i just looked at host auto and now it is only doing 1mb instead of 4 like it used to.


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i haven't tried these but here is a list of sites...




Free image hosting:






Max File Size: 10MB






Max File Size: 5MB








Max File Size: 5MB






Max File Size: 5MB






Max File Size: 4MB






Max File Size: 4MB (not sure)






Max File Size: 3MB

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