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Minitour drop table


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Location: New dungeon in barbarian village, just inside the dungeon.




hp: 30








Gold: 2, ?


100%: bones


Weapons: Bronze dagger, Bronze spear


Armour: Bronze full helm


Runes/Arrows: 3 bronze arrows, 6 to 14 iron arrows


Misc: cooked meat, vial, right skull half, 5, 15 noted rune essence, 1 noted tin ore, 1 noted copper ore, level 1 clue scroll




Thats it for now dont think they can drop anymore then more coins, but if u find anything i havent listed feel free to post it.

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They drop level 1 clue scroll too, got 2 of them while hunting skull < Erm, Did you do the clue inbetween finding the skull? Cant have more the one right?




Oh and I got a '52 coin' drop from the Minotaur.

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